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I'm feeling much better today. There is still a little discomfort in my back and neck but I am finally able to move around without constantly yelping with pain. So far today I haven't taken any meds.

Marie - Thanks for the info about wireless networks. I've wondered about that, but not sure I need to do it because my kids have never been able to use my wireless until I gave them the password...so maybe mine's already blocked somehow I have Qwest for my internet provider. I didn't even ask for my wireless...when my old modem quit working they sent me a wireless one. I love having wireless and would never want to go back.

Nancy - Well, you never know, maybe if he spends more time with her, he'll change his mind even if he doesn't think so now. But You need to think it through whether you still would want him back really after all this or at least on the same terms. I agree that his new gal probably won't like the living arrangements for long or the financial arrangements. Seen that happen in our family....emotions change, people change and the trust and good feelings often don't last once that third person is involved. But I hope for the best whatever you choose to do. We are all here for you. I'm glad his children are sympathetic to you and hope they stay that way. That might affect him in some way in time too. Have they gotten to know this other woman yet? No it's not a good way to lose weight although I could use a bit of your lack of appetite.

Thriller - I'm so glad our "Christmas Food" is gone too! LOL I thought it was all gone already but found two Peanut M&Ms this morning and yes, I ate them.
NOW it's all gone!

Bobbi - All you need the wireless for is downloading books. You can access the internet with the Kindle but I've heard it's very slow so I never do. I just download books (almost every day - free ones) and the next time I turn on my Kindle they are there. Like magic! And yes Thriller is right you can download books whereever you find wireless.

Rie - Hope you get to feeling better soon. Makes me hurt thinking of you hurting! Just remember this too shall pass...and take your meds. My dh has continued to have tooth pain but he thinks it's caused by his partial plate and that he's gotten it right now. Sure hope so. Not fun to hurt and not be able to eat without pain.

Karen3 - I agree that retirement doesn't cost nearly as much as one thinks it will. We are able to live very cheaply. Until that darn house happened, our biggest expenses were taxes and traveling. The house may actually help now that we will get the deduction this year (son has been getting it) and once we get rid of the house we should be able to travel again.

Chick - I take a muscle relaxant called Robaxcin and it helps. The one he gave me previously (started with A but can't remember), didn't help much so I asked for Robaxin cause I knew it had helped me before. Right now I am not taking it much as I'm getting better and I only have four left. Slept well last night with Tyl PM but did take a while to get comfortble. Several years ago I was told I have a partially herniated disc by a PT person. She gave me exercises to do which I continue to do but my doctors have never mentioned it. I also have a very large hernia (my second one!) and the first one caused me back pain but only at night. I also have a slight (maybe worse now?) spinal curvature and that same PT person said I have arthritis in my back, but again never mentioned by a doctor. So, I have several possible reasons for back pain but actually my back normally does not hurt except at times like you mentioned..on my feet a long time or when shopping. These spasms are just episodic and only a few times a year, thank God!

I need to get more work done around here...you all have a good day!

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Hi GG's

busy day. I went to Curves this morning. One of the staff is on vacation and I covered for her. Got my exercise in while I was there. Eating still ok. but there is nothing in the house to tempt me, thank goodness. I have to work tomorrow and I hope there is nothing there either. Everything should be gone by now and hopefully no one will bring nothing in.

Z, I like practical gifts. I really don't need anything, don't want anything. The kids got me "another" steam floor cleaner. I got one 2 years ago. They forgot. I know i'm hard to buy for. I did get some gift cards for pedicures, so I'm set for spring. I think the tires are a good, thoughtful gift. You've got good kids. I still think your sister should have shared. I would have, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Bobbi, I don't do any fancy exercises. I walk on the treadmill. I lift weights. If i've set too long I get up and walk and do left lifts for 5 min. I do simple stretches. It doesn't have to be fancy to be effective.

Nancy, I hope you get your SO (or the jerk, as we shall lovingly call him from now on) back, if you really want that. Just let him know that you are just room mates, not with privilages. I've seen a lot of office romancces and they seldom work. Is she free?

Rie, I hope you are feeling better. I take Ultram. It's about as strong as I want to get.

Chicky, I've had back problems for about 10 years. Many bulgings discs, artharitis, and now a fx disc. I've had the epidural injections in the back several time. They work for several months of pain relief. And I would suppose that they are as safe and taking medication. And just because motrin and tylenol aren't prescription doesn't mean they don't have serious side effects. so, do what ever it takes to stay pain free.

Karen, Sorry about the house. They can get crazy, and you said you liked that house too. It's just annoying getting your hopes up and then coming up with something like that.

Karenfl, Can I come for dinner? I'll do dishes and clean the kitchen.

Donna, I can't believe those people want you to work and not check into GG's. Obviously they don't have their priorities straight.

Marie, Doggies doing ok? Did they like all their Christmas gifts?

Gayle, are you off for this holiday? I have to work tomorrow but i'm off Sunday. That's ok, i'm not going any where, and I'll probably be asleep when the noise starts on new Years night.

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evening...just checking in. Had a barfy feeling day all day long. 3 1/2 more days of those damn pills! I can do this i can i can....i think. Played bridge and came in 2nd. Told Dh I was so nauseous that i had to concentrate. Had 20 tables playing. Life is such fun blaaaah

Sure everybody come on down for dinner. Tomorrow night I am making Maryland Crab cakes. Oven fried....that is 1lb fresh large lump crab, dash of mayo, dab of mustard, egg and dribble of cracker crumbs. Tenderly patted into big pattys with dab of butter and baked. Leftovers are good too. sunday is back to my roots with roast pork and apple sauce.

Crawling into bed and trying to sleep. Another side effect is those electrical jolts are still happening.....You know I really can't wait to get rid of this year 2011! night k3
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KarenFL, that you are still on antibiotics over 6 months post surgery is mind boggling. How is it not mind boggling to your doctors. I pray this is the last round of the darn things (I'd have preferred dam with the n but...)

Freda, Blizzard is recovered and had a great b-day this week. Kai still isn't eating in the mornings and is lethargic. Not sure how to handle that problem except to keep tempting her with foods. Turkey from Christmas worked this morning. So well that I froze the rest in a zip bag so I can pull pieces out for the next month or two.

And Freda, I've got to say "WOOT!" that you helped out at Curves today. That means your back is doing better. YAY!!!!!
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Hey Everyone,

Well, today is pay your property tax day, Yippie. That is about the excitement for me for this day. Then I will head to town and cash in my Kohl's cash and return a sweater. Then hopefully lunch somewhere.

I find I stay away from beef, lean more towards chicken or fish. We usually have steak on News Year Eve, but I don't know what we will do tonight. What ever it is, it will be early evening.

I found out that my thumb therapy runs about 256.00 per treatment, and yes, I will continue with them, because as you guys have mentioned I need my thumb for everything. Still working it a lot at home, to help speed it up.

It is so good (well, not in a good way) to hear everyone has experience with problems with the back and eyes, I love hearing what others do and know I am not alone and can offer my experiences. My eye trouble it convergence, and I believe it came from too much close up knitting (which I have now given up), I almost enrolled in therapy for it, at the cost of 1800.00 with no promise of a correction. So, I do pencil push ups instead, and they have improved but I still can not sit down and read. (which I miss)

We have been using the Xbox and I am impressed how it really gives you a workout, right now I love the boxing. It does get you up off the couch.

Not much else is new, hope everyone has a great day.

It is chilly here with no sunshine and no snow.
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Friday’s Keep me Accountable menu 1,066 calories + 44 grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, almond yogurt , Flax & Chia seeds, dried cranberries

Lunch- veggie soup

Snack-frozen vanilla pudding made with stevia,

Supper- baked fish, roasted carrots, lettuce/orange salad with raspberry vinaigrette

Night time Snack-popcorn (all the salt put me up a pound this morning)
Good Morning girls, we just got home from visiting MIL. We usually do it Sunday afternoons but tomorrow we're suppose to have 3" of snow (I HOPE) and 55 mile an hour winds. Other than going to church, I'm staying home. Will probably take the Christmas decorations down in the afternoon. Good bye 2011. I think while I'm here, I'll set up tomorrows new 2012 Golden Girls thread. I'm going to have a good weight drop when I weigh in on Monday morning, even with the popcorn salt retention. Have a nice new years eve everyone, if you go out....be careful.
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Good Morning

it is a beautiful clear day here today. The sky is brilliant blue. I wrapped up in a sweater and blanket and sat on my steps this morning drinking coffee as the sun rose higher in the sky. I would have loved a walk this morning but exercise is forbidden until at least tuesday.

Mary, it would be so nice if the tax deduction was enough to help you recover some of the financial stress of the house situation. BTW, when my dad had quest for his internet provider, it was password protected. Perhaps they just set it up that way. I am glad to hear that your back is improving. Hopefully you will be able to get back to your routine. I am sure that your stretch class is good for your back.

Chickadee, I agree with you about the shared advice/support here. I have learned things from the GG's that I never learn from the medical folks. You pay your taxes today? Isn't it a holiday? I love xbox kenect and I am probably going to have to buy one. Not that I need any more gaming/exercise stuff. Whatever will get us off the couch, right?

So, Karenfl, are you still having infections? I am sorry that the antibiotics make you feel icky and I hope that it improves soon. If you are serving those crab cakes or anything seafood related, I would be the houseguest who never leaves!

Marie, it is so hard when furbabies are having problems. I hope that she gets better soon. Do you have Monday off or are you back to work? What did you do for exercise this weekend? Maybe I can live vicariously through you.

Freda, I'm not really into big gifts but I like small thoughtful presents. I must admit that I was a little disappointed with my gifts from my parents this year. The "low fat" (read high carb) cookbook and the hair thing (given that my hair is still falling out) were not thrilling. My kids usually do well because they understand my gaming and movie habits.... Your pedicure gift certificates are a great gift.

Zoe, new tires are a fairly spendy gift and I'm sure it was meant with the best intentions. In the end, all of us Goldens are sure blessed with our children and dgk's. I guess that it the most important thing. I am going to enjoy your countdown to retirement.....

Nancy, I am thinking of you. I hope that you sign in here once in a while, even if you don't post.

Bobbi, what are you guys doing for New Years? Charlie looks like a party guy to me.

CK, so is the house stuff done now? Or are you continuing. I'm sure that Ginger and Sissy have some serious partying scheduled this evening...

Gayle, I know it is your last day of work this week. Hope it is an easy one.

Donna, are you and SamCat lounging today? Did you ever catch your guy that ran? or did you have to pay all that money?

Lynn, are you home from the ocean now? How are you feeling?

Well, ds is going to play a new wii game with the little guy now so I will sign off here and watch. I hope that everyone has a happy new year. I will wish for health, wellness, prosperity, and love for each of us. I will be grateful to be a part of this wonderful group as we head into the new year.

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Good Hola, Goldens….

SamCat is puking and squirting… I know what I’ll be doing shortly (mopping up with bleach!). Finished with that chore! Ugh.

On that cheery note, may I say “Happy New Year’s Eve!”. I hope everyone (Rie!) stays at home where they belong, safe and sound! Rie – you can watch Dog the Bounty Hunter reruns, in anticipation of (gag) yet another year of their shenanigans. (I do love Leland!).

CK – did you ever get that mop trimmed? And what word have you had back from the Greedies? Have they had time to back out or to demand more?

Marie – did you throw a party for Blizzie, as in inviting all her furbaby friends? I had a friend who did that for her pup; everyone brought their dog, an appropriate gift, and they all wore hats and were terribly chagrined by the whole affair.

Mary – did I miss HOW you hurt your back? It seems that this has been going on for a while. I hope you’re feeling better! Good thoughts, good thoughts! Any news on the house in AZ?

Rosey – how long will your gs visit with you? I know how much you enjoy all those kidlets, and I know they just LOVE coming to Aunty Rosey’s house! I’d love to come to Aunty Rosey’s house!!

Gayle – I’m glad that you included some personal stuff in your posts this time. Often times you answer all of us and say nothing about yourself, and we’re left with “who WAS that mystery woman?”

CarolSue – I hope you’re doing well. It sounds like you’re coming right along, and I would hope that you'll give yourself a little slack while you’re recovering .

I have no Kindle, no Nook, no nuthin’…….. I tried a Kindle when they first came out, and it hurt my eyes. Chickadeee, I think you mentioned that, too. I’m sure they’ve improved, but I haven’t looked into them since. I had LASIK about 15 years ago, and my distance vision is still great; however, they cannot seem to get the near vision corrected, now that I’m a greatly advanced crone. After about 5-10 minutes of reading, my eyes are blurry and out of focus. I hate that, because reading has always been such a big deal to me. It’s just eye strain, because they can’t get a good prescription… and I’ve been from optometrists to ophthalmologists, and no one can get it right… but they’re all really expensive!

Chickadeee – what are pencil pushups??????????

PT/Zoe – when do the Qi Gong classes start? Are you DREADING them (I would be!)? I hope you like them and that they make you relaxed and strong! How’s Miss Izzy? We haven’t seen any pictures of her lately. And it was very nice of your son and DIL to give you tires for Christmas! I like that they’re looking out for the old mama. Sounds like everyone is doing pretty well.

And I’d really like the opportunity to be that happy and NICE rich person!

KarenFL – are you well and healthy? All the fruits available to you sound so yummy! I would think I’d died and gone to heaven if I had an orange or a grapefruit tree in my yard! I hope your barfies are gone!

Rie – are you almost all better? Yes, of course, SamCat and I will be lounging today. That’s what we do! And, no, my bad guy is still on the loose, and the $2,500 remainder is due Feb. 8th. It makes me, quite literally, sick to my stomach to wonder where I’m going to dig up that kind of money, if I have to pay it.

Freda – I saw that Bobbi asked you about some easy exercises you do? Please enlighten me, too. Oh, I viewed the DVD of beginning yoga for seniors and was so bored I could hardly stand it… plus it was LONG. I’d have to get up at 3 a.m. to do the morning routine, in order to be ready to leave for work at 9! I suppose the night routine would start about 5 when I get home and end somewhere around midnight. Gawd. I don’t THINK so! By the way, I do my leg stretches in bed each morning. It hurts too much to get down on the floor (and then I have to get a forklift to get me up, which is awkward). Whatever works, works! How is YOUR back?

Insofar as my job situation, I KNOW! How rude! Actually, they don’t say anything about me doing personal stuff, like GGs, because I sneakily switch it off (like that works, sigh!) before they see it. I can’t imagine anyone would care, but I do! I’m a good Catholic (recovering) guilt ridden girl, dontcha know? I’m happy with the job, couldn’t have put it together better, if I’d designed it.

I’m getting a migraine from all the router and wireless talk! It’s bringing me back to the trauma, drama, and sleepless nights when I got this laptop after the PC crashed. My solution was to call the ComputerGeek and weep piteously until he came and did whatever he did to make it all work. I still break into a cold sweat when I see the apparatus! Technophobe is correct!

Nancy – I’m so, so, so sorry to hear about everything. I cannot believe that SO is planning to hang around as a roommate (and will you still be cooking and cleaning for him??? Bah!). What a jerk. See, I told you so!! Do NOT trust him to do the right thing by you! Once that teeny head is involved, everything goes out of the big head. Whoever suggested a lawyer is right… do that! I could just hurt him (and I'll bet you can figure out the punishment I'd like to administer!)!

Bobbi – did you get your snow? Did the link come through for you? It’s so EASY.

Well, I think I’m caught up on everyone! Happy New Year’s to everyone! Be well, get well… and in your case, Nancy, get cynical. Fast.

If you're not part of the solution, you're just scumming up the bottom of the beaker---unknown
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Happy New Year Hope we are all blessed with health and wealth this yr. My dd and sil will be here this aftnoon to pick up Tyler. Ive enjoyed him being here and im still a looser at domino's much to his delite. hes agreat kid. my dd and i are going to play bingo tonite. its been awhile since ive gone and love to play.the guys will watch movies and hang out. stay safe what ever your plans (((hugs))) rosey

I am enough!
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We got back yesterday afternoon. It was an uneventful trip except it was blowing a gale. I thought for one moment the car was going to blow off the road and let out a rather loud gasp which in turn startled DH who was driving. But we stayed upright and got home safely.

Bobbi, I like your accountability quote at the top of your posts. I might do that also come tomorrow.

Rei, hope you're feeling much better as each day goes by.

The party is on for tonight. Just a few people including DIL's parents and sister and family. I did the chili and later on I'll make cornmeal muffins and get the rice ready. Everyone seemed happy about the chili. I'll be serving it with the aforementioned rice and muffins and have half a large bag of nacho chips that I'll put out. Sour cream, salsa, cheese and some chopped lettuce, tomato, black olives and avocado should round off the main dish. I have a divided serving plate filled with candy and chocolate covered nuts, a plateful of cookies and 2 small banana puddings--one regular and one sugar-free. We don't drink (alcohol) but there's lots of soft drinks and even WATER!!! I hope everything is eaten except I don't mind the chili left over as I will freeze that for another meal if any is left.

DS the Younger was here for lunch and we finished off the Yule log that I'd had in the freezer so that's all gone. We have a lot of boxed chocolates left. DH doesn't want me to get rid of them and he just gathered them up and took them to the bedroom. He knew I'd put them out. I won't eat the chocolates as I'm not a chocolate lover but I fear he'll eat them all and then complain about it. He received quite a few boxes from bus students this year. There was a TV ad that showed a bus driver receiving chocolates from the kids on his bus and I account that for all the chocolates DH received this year.

We don't have fireworks for tonight but I have a few packages of sparklers. Lot's of the surrounding neighbours and neighborhoods will have fireworks. We usually walk up the road to a little hill and climb that around midnight and watch the fireworks from that vantage point.
Well, what I wanted to say after that long ramble is:

My wish is that 2012 will bring you
prosperity and joy and happiness and good health.


Bike: 1613.03 Kilometres
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Chickadee, you’re an Xbox boxer??? I just bought the PS3 move system and Amazon was kind enough to deliver it all yesterday. My want thing is now all charged up and I’m going to learn the Zumba workout game I bought for it this afternoon. It also has a sports champion game and some medival game DH will like (archery and sword fighting). I like dancing so the Zumba seemed a good start. I want to get the dancing games too but I’m thinking that I’m getting a bit old for some of the music. I will just grit my teeth at the noise. But for now, it is Zumba. I will try the boxing out just for you.

Rie, Hiking and PS3 Zumba for my exercise this weekend. The hike was awesome and Zumba should be fun. I’ll let you know. “Low Fat” cookbook??? Yeah, that wouldn’t be for you.

Donna, Blizzie had her packmates to the party but would have preferred to solo party because than she’d be the only one to get the slice of cake. She had to share. I couldn’t invite the neighbor doggies because Kodiak is a jacka$$ and thinks he should stomp all other dogs. He takes “grumpy old man” to new heights. He does like his harem most of the time. Kai sends kisses to SamCat to be well and happy in the New Year. She also thanks you for cleaning up his little mess.

Rosey, sounds like you’re having a blast with you family.

Isabella, I’m glad you’re home safe and sound. We had gale force winds yesterday that were flopping the pool’s solar panels up and down on our roof. It sounded like non-stop thunder. Since the gusts were up to 60 mph, when Mr. UPS driver delivered all my Amazon goodies, I asked him if his truck was staying upright. He laughed and I thought of that when I read your post this morning.

Everyone, please have a safe New Year's Eve! Chat with you all in 2012. Wow, where are the years going?!?!?!?

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Hello everyone! Hope you are having a good weekend. I had another rough night with my back, finally took a muscle relaxant (only 3 left) and some Motrin, added another pillow and set them up overlapping each other to better support my back and finally got to sleep. I heard the clock chime four o'clock and got to sleep some time after that. But at least I can sleep in...hooray for retirement...I remember when I used to work weekends! Our oldest gd (the one that married this summer) is going to be down this way and we are hoping she and her dh may stop in. I will bake some cookies once I know they are coming but hesitate to do it until I know as I know who will eat them. I have vacuumed the living room and family room, and dusted the dining room plus did the daily stuff. I have been neglecting my home so badly in recent weeks so it was good to do that much at least.

Marie - Zumba sounds like fun.

Isabella - My dh used to set off fireworks on NY Eve. He really enjoys fireworks still, but hasn't done it on NY's for a while now. He has this big bell that he still rings though and boy, it is loud! The kids and I used to bag pans at midnight and I've done that a few times with grandchildren too.

Rosey- Health and wealth...yeah I'll take some of both, thank you! Never can get enough I guess but I have to say I already feel very blessed in so many ways.

Donna - As far as I know I haven't injured my back...it's just something i have a few times a year, only this time my neck and head have been involved too. With both of them it's been about three weeks I think now. Hopefully it will be over soon. No nothing new on the house.

Freda - I recently got a steamer and I really like it! I think my kitchen floor is cleaner than it's ever been!

Need to get moving...have a great New Year's Eve and a Happy New Year!!

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Just a couple comments...
Rie...nutin', same as we do every year. We're not party people and who wants to be out on the road with all the drunks.
what are you guys doing for New Years? Charlie looks like a party guy to me.
Donna, sorry....I was going to thank you for the link to your 2.5 minute exercise and forgot all about it. Glad you mentioned it. Yes, the link came through and my next question to you was, can I do it on my bed. Then I see you do. We used to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter, I think I could like dog if he cut his hair. I liked Leland the best too. Dog's wife, what's her name? Beth? Last time I watched, she was skinny except for her rather large boobs.
Dog the Bounty Hunter reruns, in anticipation of (gag) yet another year of their shenanigans. (I do love Leland!).By the way, I do my leg stretches in bed each morning. It hurts too much to get down on the floor
Chick...why is your thumb therapy not covered by your insurance? $256.00 per session is outrages.
Marie...don't ya love all the personalities of your dogs. I think I like the jack a$$, Kodiak the best. I like his attitude. Tiffany (my DD) was laughing about the antics of her cat and German Weimeramer dog. They taunt each other all the time, makes you wonder what goes on in their minds.
Kodiak is a jacka$$ and thinks he should stomp all other dogs. He takes “grumpy old man” to new heights
Mary...We purchased a steamer for our kitchen floor and was so happy with how well they clean with no soap. The floor looks like new after using it and no streaks or dull finish. We purchased a second one for the basement floors, what a great invention. Anybody that doesn't have one, think about buying one.
Isabella...yes, please join me. I love seeing what others eat and Zoe was the one that started this. I don't post anywhere else on 3 fc's so this works for me. I'd love to see everyone post what they eat on the top of everyone's post, maybe my menu wouldn't be so boring if I got ideas from some of your entrees/menu. KarenFla's menu always sound delicious but she has access to fresh seafood and fruit, I don't. I was going to comment on your New Year's Eve menu, hard to believe you live in another country. Your menu is so much like what we eat in America. I always make corn muffins with my chili too, goes so well together.
, I like your accountability quote at the top of your posts. I might do that also come tomorrow. IsabellaI did the chili and later on I'll make cornmeal muffins and get the rice ready. Everyone seemed happy about the chili. I'll be serving it with the aforementioned rice and muffins and have half a large bag of nacho chips that I'll put out. Sour cream, salsa, cheese and some chopped lettuce, tomato, black olives and avocado should round off the main dish. I have a divided serving plate filled with candy and chocolate covered nuts, a plateful of cookies and 2 small banana puddings--one regular and one sugar-free.
Gee, I was just going to tell Donna something and I ran off at the mouth. See you all next year.
Hi Rosey...no cheating at Bingo!
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I see some started the new thread so I'll close this one.
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