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WeightLifted 10-27-2011 11:50 AM

Looking for a buddy (buddies) for loosing 10-15 pounds

I just turned 60 and am looking for a buddy or a couple of buddies to support each other in loosing 10-15 pounds. I have lost about 7 pounds since beginning on Sept 9.

I also figured out that in the last 11 years I have lost and gained about 145 pounds. The last large loss was 45 pounds two or three years ago. I actually lost too much weight. People were starting to ask me if I was sick. I did it primarily through Weight Watchers but I do not really want to commit to going to meetings because of the travel time required.

In the past two years, I have gained 31 pounds in about 8 pound chunks as life through 4 difficult curved balls at different times. I am now ready to maintain a healthy weight but am struggling with staying focused. I have been using my Weight Lifted blog here on 3fatchicks.com which helps some, but I think that if I could work alongside someone else, it might provide each of us with the needed additional support.

My challenge areas are: lack of exercise and self regulating when eating away from home (restaurants, pot lucks, dinner meetings, etc.).

I am a life coach and know how to support others. I have lots of training and certifications, but it is usually easier to support another person than to support myself. I think humans are wired to need other humans. :carrot:

Thanks and cheers to your weight loss efforts!

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