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Originally Posted by Bobbolink View Post
Glynne...Fitday has all those options to add ingredients and give calories, fat, etc.
Here's the bottom of my icky stainless steel oven, as you can see it never looks clean. My dogs water dish is next to it, he splashes water on it all the time, tracks in muddy feet and splashes on oven bottom, I really hate it.
Too late Bobbi, The stove and refrigerator were already delivered. I know they are a pain to keep clean. I just got it in my head that I wanted them and DH encouraged me. I usually mention something and then go by his reaction. I can just see my fridge after my grandson has been here. He always had sticky hands. LOL Actually, the stove shouldn't been a big problem. The only part of it that's stainless is the door. The top of it is black. I think the fridge is going to be the problem because of everyone getting it it. Maybe I should make everyone wear gloves! LOL
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Rie - I'm sorry to hear that you're still sick. That stinks! Are you still going to work? Going to work when you don't feel good stinks even more. Hope you feel better soon.

Marie - My DH loves to walk. In fact, when we go to the mall, he will walk back and forth the length of the mall while I shop. He just doesn't like to park far from the door. LOL He says it's too far to walk with your packages. His favorite comment when he see a crowded parking lot is "Doesn't anybody work?"

All - I'm not good on challenges. I have to do what I do on my own at my own pace. Challenges stress me out and when I'm stressed, I eat. It seems that I think I'm doing really good, then someone else reports doing better than I, and then I feel like I've failed. I'm better off if I'm just happy to do better than I did the last time. KWIM? A challenge against myself.

I would like to thank those who started this GG board. I like it, and apparently others do too, because there are always posts here and a nice variety of topics. I read and post the other threads on 3FC but this one is the best. I have been on other weight loss forums and you have to drag people out to get a post from them. If you check the views it will show 50 or 60 people read the thread, but only a couple posted. That's no fun.
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Default The joys of...

Getting ready for a garage sale, means clean closets!

I am actually enjoying emptying and organizing! Makes me feel so accomplished, plus we'll make a few bucks on things we don't need/use anymore. I'll just need to put blinders on my son, because everything of his in the sale will be "his favorite toy" and he'll weep at the thought of them being bought by someone else. (even the ones he hasn't played with, touched or seen in years).

I can hear it now, "But Mom, I used to love them. Maybe I will again someday."

He saw a Rescue Hero yesterday (has not played with them since he was 5) and said, "Oh no! He was my friend before I had a friend." So that one was redeemed from the box. LOL.

I'm diving in. Wish me luck!
TN Donna
"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength""

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I have an appointment with the cardiologist today at noon. I try not to eat or drink anything before I go to him because often he wants a test or blood work and if I haven't eaten he will do it right then and there. But right now, I want a cup of coffee!!! I don't know if I'm going to make it.
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Chickadee, I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better about things and had a great day. I've come to a weight-loss stall but refuse to quit my plan. I know you must be looking forward to a week off - what fun!

"If there is no wind...ROW!"
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Okay….WHERE is PT/Donna????????? Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOUR DAYS?????????? Nope….not right. Are you okay, PT? Do we need to send out a search team?

Well, so far so good with the little plate and teeny-tiny eating utensils. I just finished my ONE packet of oatmeal with LESS THAN 1/3 of a cup of raisins and a couple of TBS of ground up Fiber One cereal, and it took so long to eat with my little baby spoon that I feel every bit as full as I did when I was eating TWO packets of oatmeal, double the raisins and double the Fiber One. What a concept! Less is more. I’m loving it. Yesterday I had 1256 calories. Not bad. No hunger pangs, no cravings.

I had my first strategic planning meeting for my part-time consulting gig last night – earned in 2 1/2 hours what I normally earn in 5 hours, so not too shabby. We head up to Vermont next Tuesday night, have meetings scheduled all day Wednesday & Thursday, and I’ll be home Thursday night. I took an additional vacation day from work on Friday so that I can lie about “gorking” to my heart’s content.

The planning meeting went very well, and I’m feeling very optimistic about this…I now understand that it’s a 3 – year contract, and that works great for me. Working 8 hours a week will feel like I’m on perpetual vacation once I retire. In the meantime, it’ll be a little labor-intensive, but definitely worth it!

I’d love to have a garage sale, Donna Marie – I have TONS of stuff to get rid of. Unfortunately, no time to do all the preliminary closet-digging and accumulating of sale items – and we’re supposed to be getting some SNOW this weekend! SO not fair! We typically don’t see any snow until mid-December around here. It gets cold, and the days get shorter, but not any snow yet, usually. I am really going to be feeling shortchanged if winter weather is starting this early!

Carol Sue, I’m the same as you when it comes to challenges. I’m just an anti-authoritarian kind of person, I guess. Don’t like being held to expectations, even when I’m the one who has set them. I always start to think, “Who’s in control here, anyway? Who SAYS I have to lose X number of pounds, do X minutes of exercise, etc., etc.????” (And I’m the one who has said it, of course, which, believe it or not, doesn’t make it any easier). Once I start getting rebellious towards (myself) that’s the end of the challenge for me. I’m better off just plodding along on my own, and either doing it or not doing it at my own pace.

Chickadeee, I have an afghan that I want to finish for my dd3 for Christmas. I really love working on it while dh reads aloud. Once I watch the final few episodes of season 3 of “Breaking Bad” on Netflix, I’ll be able to settle down and do some crocheting – at least until Netflix gets season 4 on instant play.

Mary! Wow! That weight is just dropping right off! I’m proud of you for sticking with it, even through trips and visits when it would have been so easy to just forget about it and eat whatever you wanted. You’re doing phenomenally!

K3, I am seriously hoping that the weatherfools up this way are dead wrong about snow this weekend. I can hardly bear the thought of it.

Freda – bribery, huh? Do you have a few ideas that you could share? Like so many pounds lost, and you get a day at a spa or something like that? I don’t have any idea what kind of carrot I could put on a stick to motivate myself. I’m okay now, but will soon need additional motivation, I know from past experience.

I like the soup recipe, Val….I’m going to make some for myself. Are you feeling any better?
This is the pita bread that I use, Marie – except I buy it at our local market and the price is 2/$5.

Have a great day, everybody!


"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, 'OH CRAP, SHE'S UP!'"
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Hello Goldens!

Well, I think I am on the mend… I am going to make it in to work today. My fever is down. I still feel weak and pretty rugged but I don’t feel like I am going to pass out. I made myself a cozy little bed in the chair last night and didn’t even try to lay down (you understand Karen). Anyway, I got about 7 hours of sleep. Yay.

I really miss working out and the feeling of being strong. I have decided that I need to be more appreciative of my body and my health when I am well. For a while, again, working out will be a pleasure, not a burden.

Zoe, the new gig sounds great. I am so happy for you! Some day I hope to do some part time training/team building as part of my retirement. Good job on your calories. Thanks for the link to the pita bread. I love it but I stay away from it because of the carbs.

Donna? Donna? Where are you? Worried here!

Donna Marie, I was contemplating a garage sale but never seem to get it done. So, I am now getting a load ready for pickup by Good Will. I hope to finish that up this weekend. My room is awash in clothes that don’t fit me!

Webwoman, Yay! NEVER quit! The reason that I only weigh every month is because my body holds weight and then whooshes it off. I don’t get discouraged this way.

Carol, the dreaded “I have a blood draw fasting no coffee day!” Ugh! Hang in there or you will just have to go without coffee another day. Let us know how the appt goes. I agree, this is the best thread.

Chickadee I don’t have it but I was using a recipe for cauliflower pizza crust for a while. I will ask ds about it. Decadent because I would “spend” the carbs in things like chicken alfredo and other good things on top of the crust.

Marie, what a rough day you had! When I was about 10, I was out with dad irrigating and got partially sprayed by a skunk that I accidentally surprised. What a miserable experience! I am the only person who will start gagging in the car when we drive by one on the road! BTW, thanks for bringing your troubles to us. Friends allow friends to be there for them….

Mary, I am so proud of you! Your grandkids are going to start talking about how little Grandma is!

Bobbi, Nancy, Lynn, Freda, and others….. I will be back later today.

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Good Morning Everyone,

Kind of gloomy today. Our condo is having a Halloween party tonight. I will show my face because everyone was VERY supportive of my half-marathon. However, I really do NOT enjoy these things. Actually, I don’t really enjoy any parties. I prefer small group things.

Originally Posted by chickadeee55 View Post
Today was a bummer day for me. My head is thinking over time on me. I feel great and yes I got on the scale today for my weekly weight, and it hasn't changed, so my head is telling me all day, what it the use, I have given up the bad stuff and it isn't making a difference. Chickadeee
Hi Chickadee,

This journey is more of a marathon than a sprint. It is the yearly weight that counts – NOT the weekly weight. I am a daily weigher. I use the number to help guide me toward what I will do for the day. If my number is up, I eat a little less and drink a little more water and exercise a little more. If my number is down, I eat a LITTLE more. For me, the scale is just a tool to help guide my actions.
Originally Posted by akrosey49 View Post
… all of a sudden i got the heehee who whos and needed the restrm and dh in the store yikes.i turned the car off grabbed the keys,got out on my own,hung on to the car,got my walker out by myself with knees crossed and got my self into the bathrm in record time.. my dh came out and i was gone like i'd been abducted by aliens you should have seen his face when i came out of the building priceless and another nsv and that was my day. crazy huh! we all battle the scale no matter what method we use,but we get afresh start every morning so keep doing what works for you ((hugs))) rosey
Hi Rosey,

GOOD for you! You are doing more and more every week!

Originally Posted by Bobbolink View Post
I have a question for everyone, what do you read other than library books. What magazine subscriptions do you all buy?
Hi Bobbi,

I read about a book a week – all kinds. However, I am NOT a magazine/newspaper reader. I have an iGoogle home page & on it are 3 headlines from CNN, 3 headlines from the NY Times, 3 headlines from Science News, and 3 headlines from BBC. I read the headlines and when there is something that looks interesting, I read the articles.

Originally Posted by Riemontana View Post
Hello all.

I have come to the conclusion that I have the flu – not a cold. I don’t mean to be a whiner, it just feels really crappy after 5 days. Grrr! Food is ok but I am struggling late in the day and throughout the night when I can’t sleep.
Hi Rie,

I think that my “cold” was actually some kind of flu. It was mild (maybe because I had the flu shot?), but included tiredness and headache. I never had a fever, but it just felt more like the flu than a cold.

About eating at night – I have a couple of standbys – vanilla LF/LS yogurt, chocolate SF pudding w Cool Whip – when I get the “night-chews.”

Originally Posted by Marie View Post

Yesterday was a crappy day. Between the skunk and my darling son's FB message, I think Monday's should be abolished.:
So I am struggling with anger towards my son again. I hate that he can upset me so much. I'd like to slap him into reality. I've always believed he was smart, just not school smart. Maybe I've been wrong and he's the idiot my family has said, that he really has no clue or memory of reality. I'm not sure which is harder to swallow. Stupidity or nasty.
Hi Marie,

How old is your son and what did he write on FB?

Originally Posted by the slim me View Post
Spent most of today at the hospital with SIL. Her husband (I refuse to call him my BIL) had surgery today.
Hi Freda,

I don’t understand. Is your son-in-law also your brother-in-law? What am I missing?

Originally Posted by maryea View Post
Breakfast - breakfast 1/2 can Biggest Loser Shake with added fiber
am snack - My mocha frappe (1/2 scoop mix, water, ice, sf chocolate syrup (Torani) and added protein and fiber)
Lunch - vegetable beef soup (with added fiber)
Right now my calories are 403.
Hi Mary,

Did you make the soup? I always have some weight gains when I eat canned soup. I think it’s the sodium. What kind of fiber are you adding? Does yours actually disappear in the liquid? I got one that did not – ended up giving me a lumpy drink.

Originally Posted by slmn11 View Post
I would like to thank those who started this GG board. I like it, and apparently others do too, because there are always posts here and a nice variety of topics. I read and post the other threads on 3FC but this one is the best. I have been on other weight loss forums and you have to drag people out to get a post from them. If you check the views it will show 50 or 60 people read the thread, but only a couple posted. That's no fun.
Hi SLmn,

I am glad you are enjoying the GG’s thread. It has been my lifeline!
Originally Posted by Change4Life View Post
I'll just need to put blinders on my son, because everything of his in the sale will be "his favorite toy" and he'll weep at the thought of them being bought by someone else. (even the ones he hasn't played with, touched or seen in years).
I can hear it now, "But Mom, I used to love them. Maybe I will again someday."
Hi Change,

This reminded me of a mistake I made when my DD was little. She had a green teddy bear that she had not played with in years. I put it out for the garbage man and she saw it just as he picked it up. It broke her heart. She will be 48 in February and it is still a sore subject!

Originally Posted by ellabella View Post
Well, so far so good with the little plate and teeny-tiny eating utensils. I just finished my ONE packet of oatmeal with LESS THAN 1/3 of a cup of raisins and a couple of TBS of ground up Fiber One cereal, and it took so long to eat with my little baby spoon that I feel every bit as full as I did when I was eating TWO packets of oatmeal, double the raisins and double the Fiber One. What a concept! Less is more. I’m loving it. Yesterday I had 1256 calories. Not bad. No hunger pangs, no cravings. Z
Hi Zoe,

A few years ago, my DD and I decided that we would slow down our eating by using chopsticks. We did NOT slow down our eating, but we got VERY fast at using chopsticks!
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It's afternoon already, where did the morning go? I had an eye exam this morning, went to two different food stores, with receipt I got an additional 8 cents off gas, stopped at sisters for a chat, then onto brother that still has beautiful red, worm free Harolson apples. I'll spend the afternoon making applesauce. I needed to pop on and record yesterdays' calories. Still too low, I had an extra bowl of cereal last night to get the calories and fiber up. When I increase my fiber, the weight comes off quick.

850 calories + 42 grams fiber
Fiber One, dried cranberries, Flax seeds, Chia, Yogurt, molasses, vitamins
Baked Zucchini chips, raw carrots and Peanut dip
Antelope Stew
Pineapple Fluff dessert w/Cool whip
Fiber One w/2 oz. vanilla skim milk
Sunflower seeds
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Morning everyone. cold,wet,windy,blah! at least its not snow. am going shopping today.dh leaves tomorrow,im being brave but i really hate being alone that long! when we picked up the mail yesterday my box of used stuffed animals came that i got from e-bay. theres was 36 toys in the box. i defluff them and put replacement squeakers in them and sew them up with dental floss,for my dogs,much cheaper than buying new at the pet store.in the box was a stuffed battery operated "furreal" kitten. i turned it on and it mewos and purrs and stretches and its eyes blink. well gizzmo is in heaven. he loves it,went nuts over it,wish i had a video,he made me laugh till tears came. isnt it amazing how much our pets do for us.bobbie i read womans day,family circle magazines,have for yrs. hoping you all ahve a great day.(((hugs))) rosey

I am enough!
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Hola, LOLs!

Geez, I seem to have neglected you unduly! I’m starting back on the last time I posted, 10-22, and am answering everyone from that time forward, so that will account for any disjointedness! Work has been so busy lately that I just plop when I get home, and the computer is of NO interest! Today is day off, though, and I’m doing piddly domestic drudgery things.

It’s trying to snow here (the WeatherFools said 6-8”, but we’ll be lucky to get 2”, at this rate). It’s very heavy, though, so I did go out and tried to brush off baby tree Lily, who is bent over from the weight. She’s had a rough year, with the awful hail storms that shredded her and now this… I hope she comes out of it okay. I made a big batch of Wendy’s Chili last night, so that will been welcome on this chilly day!

Rie – Are you finally feeling better? Eiuuu, you were talking about genital piercings. The first time I had to do a strip search, the inmate had nipple AND genital piercings, with a chain connecting them all… and they were seeping green from infection! Eiuuuuuu, eiuuuuuuuu, eiuuuuuuuuuuu. I understand nothing.

Rosey – sounds like you had a really fun time at WalMart’s, playing dress-up with the hats! You mentioned that DH will be gone for two weeks… does it bother you to be alone? Do you have neighbors nearby if you need them?

Gayle – how’s it going with the new management? It doesn’t sound like much has changed! And it sounds like you’re really stressing about your eating. Be kind to yourself! I hope you get some use out of the Y membership and begin to feel in control again. And did you find the recipe site? I’ve used the LiveStrong My Plate (is that right? It’s been a while…), and it’s pretty cool.

CK – you’re just a whippersnapper! Did you find your keyboard or organ yet?

Bobbi – I’ve always shied away from the idea of stainless steel appliances for that very reason, too. Of course, my kitchen is wee and old and the white does me just fine. I see all these lookers on the House Hunter shows demanding stainless steel, and I always think “ha! You’ll be sorry!” Thus far in my review of the postings, you haven’t received your hardwood flooring yet. Will I be pleasantly surprised later in the posts? And how are the headaches?

Chickadee – I didn’t understand your comment, either: “Does this mean I am not a GG? Just remember with age comes knowledge, and other things.”

Nancy – your balloon pictures and your description of the day were really nice! I’m glad you’re popping in more often again.

Lynn – what class will you be teaching this time? And did you get a new chair for the living room? I LOVE Ethan Allen’s stuff, so pretty! I think Freda meant sister-in-law, not son-in-law when she used “SIL”… thanks for the email, too!

PT/Zoe – I wonder how many of our weight squigglies are accurate?? You said yours wasn’t… and mine isn’t either. I am actively choosing to ignore that, though. Do tell more about your consulting gig… is this something you’re going to enjoy, I hope? Wow, a 3-year contract! I think this is great!!

KarenFL – what a neat idea for Zoe… the two decks of cards suggestion. That would make it very real! It would also be a good thing for weight loss… 52 cards in a deck, 52#... it might be an incentive! I might just try it! Has Rina diverted yet? By the way, that’s exactly why we call them WeatherFools! They haven’t a clue in the world and aren’t worth more than 50 bucks a month in pay.

Marie – SamCat asked about Kai… is she doing well? I was awakened from a sound sleep the other early a.m. by the odor of skunk! OMG, you can hardly breathe! It smelled like it was right under the bedroom window. My friend’s Doxie seems to ferret out skunks and regularly gets sprayed, so what is the Dawn recipe? I’ll google it for her if you can be a little more descriptive.

I’m about to go out and brush more snow off Lily’s branches. Oh, I hope she weathers the storm; she didn’t even get a chance to turn burgundy colored this year. I’m enjoying my day off, and I am the Queen of Gork.

Hope you’re all having a good day! Stay warm/cool, as the case may be… later, LOL lovelies! Any Newbies – welcome!

If you're not part of the solution, you're just scumming up the bottom of the beaker---unknown

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Today was my weekly weigh-in and I lost 2.2#! I'm pleased. Now to do it again this week....it feels like a long journey but I'm determined. Went to the gym for our usual machine workout but got up too late for my stretch class. We got our flu shots yesterday and now my arm is sore not only from exercise but from that too. We went to Kohls after the gym...I wanted some more exercise pants, but didn't find any I liked. But I also needed some black dress pants and I did find those. I had to get a short as all pants are so long on me anymore. When we got to the cashier we had a $10 Kohls Cash coupon and a 30% off coupon, but found out that the Kohls Cash isn't good until tomorrow, so we left everything for them to hold and are going back tomorrow! LOL We will be in the same area tomorrow so why not get the savings.

Donna - Wendy's chili sounds so good! Is that one of those copy cat recipes?
Hard to realize it is time for snow for some of you. It is definitely getting chilly here esp at night, but we don't get snow often. We are just glad it isn't raining and now and then the sun still comes out. Hope your little tree survives.

Rosey- What a great idea both buying the stuffed animals on ebay and also fixing them up with the squeekers. You are really good at thinking of good and unique ways of doing things, aren't you? I can learn a lot from you.

Chick - I had to learn to see my scale as a tool...I still weigh myself daily but only as a guide to how to eat. With Medifast it isn't needed so much so I now weigh more for fun I guess, but normally I weigh in the morning to see how I'm doing, and I weigh before dinner to make sure I eat right...if I'm a little high I'd try to go lighter on dinner. I learned to do this when I was on The Jerusalem Diet. Otherwise that diet didn't work for me, but I always learn something from every diet I try. Then I also weigh at night but that's always been more like a game, I like to guess at what I'll be in the morning. Until about eight years ago, I didn't use the scale as a tool...and if my weight was down, I'd feel great...and I might celebrate by eating more! How stupid is that, I know! If my weight was up, I'd give up saying here I am depriving myself and it's not working! Boohoo!! Then about eight years ago, I joined the Prism Weighloss Program when it was offered at my church. It is a group meetings program similar to WW (without the points). We had to promise that we wouldn't weigh our selves any oftener than every 6 weeks! I HATED that! But by the time I was through the first six weeks I no longer had my love/hate relationship with the scale. Yeah if my weights up I may be disappointed but it doesn't affect my day ...I just keep on plugging away. So if you can get to looking at your scale as a tool it can really be helpful but if you can't right now, I suggest not weighing yourself very often.

Lynn - I use a Metamucil type fiber powder. It disappears in whatever I put it in. Metamucil actually has one made to do that ..sugar free, tasteless, gritless etc. But I have also used Walgreen's brand with good success. The Metamucil one a little more expensive but is also lower calories. Benefiber mixes well but I'm not sure if it gives you the full feeling, someone else may know. What I usually use is the canned soup and after heating it I stir in the fiber. I can't really see (or taste) the fiber as it mixes well but I think it does give the soup a slightly "cloudier" appearance. I don't like the sodium in canned soups either but I only eat one cup (prepared) once a day and unless I eat other salty foods it doesn't seem to bother my weight.

Rie - Glad you're feeling better, but make sure you continue to get enough rest, and fluids.

Zoe, Rie and others...thanks for positive support! The only reason I have been this successful is that this diet is just SO easy! I don't really have to think much at all. Plus it keeps me so full which really helps...before I was always hungry. Of course, just because I want to, I do make up a few of my own "MF" meals and have to remember to add protein and fiber to those but that's my choice. Even eating out is easy if i don't get the idea that I have to have a dessert (which I'm not even hungry for!). But I know in some ways I will likely not change...I'll just have to make sure that isn't very often. I just got a new box of meals today so I'm once again stocked up with LOTS of different meals to choose from!

Well, I need to get something done around here so better get off this computer. Have a good day everyone!

ETA: I decided to change my sig since it's been six weeks since I started MF. I'm actually 152.6 but I just rounded it to 153.

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This is for you Donna, I just saw the weather news in Denver.
No headaches to speak of and flooring is here, installed on Friday.
KarenFla...haven't seen the news of your hurricane yet.
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hi...well the Hurrican is being blown apart by wind shears. Guess a little will go right and a little will go left. Duhhhhh.

Donna...darn it you showed up. I was ready to do the search for you like you did finding me in June. Missed you kiddo

Mary...each weeks baby steps are adding up! Good work!

Bobbbie....our Myers Lemons are the size of grapefruit and the mardarian ornage in them make them sweet. Both orange trees are weighed down with fruit. Why I was sure we'd get wind. Would you believe it is time to replant tomatoes down here!

Rosie....Dh may be gone but we're always here. Surprises me everytime a check in and find one of us as a new post.

Off to get a bottle of water and watch Suvivor. If they don't get rid of Brandon soon I may stop watching. A wife beating male pig. blah! k3
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Well, it has been a pretty nice day here today. Not any rain but kind of gray but the temps were like 60 today. Tim had a dentist appt. this morning and I went with him, it is at the same building where my Dr. is and I thought that I might go ahead and see if I could get a flu shot. Well, they were so busy I didn't even ask. After his dentist appt. I called my brothers and sister and asked if they wanted to meet us at Logans Steak House for lunch. My brothers met us there but my sister had a funeral to go to. But we enjoyed the lunch and had a good visit! After leaving there we went on to Mays Drug store and we both got our flu shots. Now we both have sore arms, but I hope it keeps the worst of the flu away from us this year!

Donna, we went and looked at another organ yesterday and it didn't work out either. I couldn't get both manuals and the foot pedals to all work at the same time! And one "note / sound " kept playing the whole time. So I finally came home and went to Walmart.com and ordered a Yamaha keyboard. It is one that I had played with at Best Buy and liked it but I was able to get a better deal through walmart. So it is supposed to be here around the 2nd. Now all kinds of organs will come up for sale! Oh well, this is new with a warranty! Now I will just have to learn something new--- keeps the brain alive!! HA!!

Well, just finished some soup for supper. My aunt told me about a Fat Flush Soup that she saw in a magazine and I took a pic of it with my iphone. I made it last week and froze half of it. It is really pretty good. I used ground turkey in it.

Been watching the reveals on tv here with the Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Everyone is really buzzing about it. I'd love to go over and see them but think I will wait until the crowds thin out.. But it has been exciting. They even redid a park that was destroyed in the tornado.. Very nice.

Hello to everyone. I hope that everyone who is getting the snow and cold says warm. I just heard that there are over 80,000 people with out electricity in Colorado because of the storm. Stay safe!

I'll get back and do personals later on. Have a good night.

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.” ~
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