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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Hello Goldens!

I posted some of this on the diabetes thread this morning but I wanted to share it with this special group.

Today I woke to a fbs of 90. I did one hour and 15 minutes of aerobic walking and breakfasted on an apple with a little peanut butter. Lovely.

Today is an anniversary of sorts. One year ago today, I went to the lab to give a fasting blood draw for urgent labs to test for diabetes. I was terrified but I secretly knew the truth. On my way home, I went through a fast food drive-in for a bacon,egg, and cheese bisquit, cinnamon rolls, and a giant dr pepper. A few hours later the dr called and told me that I had diabetes. My A1c was 13.6, my cholesteral was 256 and I had borderline high blood pressure. At 50, I was racing to serious health complications or a heart attack. I had always considered myself a healthy fat girl. Annual blood work the year before had not shown diabetes, even though it runs in my family.

The dr (a dermatologist) was rather rude, saying about my diabetes, "it's not surprising - you are morbidly obese". She wanted to admit me to the hospital and when I resisted, she simply told me to find a dr to treat my diabetes. A couple days later (this was a holiday weekend) I went to the walk-in clinic and was blessed to be referred to my endocrinologist that afternoon. He and his staff have truly been a blessing.

I had a late afternoon appointment and I was such a puddle that I sat in his office for almost 2 hours and cried while he explained things to me and gave me prescriptions. He explained, in depth that diabetes was not a punishment for obesity and that I might have delayed the diagnosis but probably would not have prevented it. I was there so late that he had to escort me out of the office - the doors were locked because everyone else had left. I am not sure that most dr's would do that - stay until 630 pm with a new patient.

He explained a little about carbs and told me to "take baby steps" and start making changes that I could live with. I was horrified when he kindly told me that I was a candidate for gastric bypass. (no offense to anyone) I just had never considered myself to be that overweight. I told him that I would lose weight and he encouraged me saying that 10% would make a difference.

I was on my way. At my one month appointment, he needed to switch my medication because my bs had dropped and I was having lows. At my 3 month, my A1C was 6.7 and he litterally did a happy dance.

One year later my weight is down 75 pounds and my last two A1C results were 5.5 and 5.0. My cholesteral is 168. My blood pressure is normal although I have stayed on a low dose to protect my kidneys.

I can't say that diabetes has been a gift. However, the new lifestyle that I have is certainly a gift. I look better, I feel better and I am more powerful and stronger than I have been in a long time. I don't know where my weight will stabilize but I can say that I am perfectly content with my eating plan and I feel a sense of accomplishment at my workout regime.

Sorry for this long and rambling post. I don't have the words to explain how much the golden girls group has meant to me in this journey. You welcomed me, a newcomer, with open arms and generous hearts. This group lets me feel a little less alone on my path to better health. My love and gratitude to you all.

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Good Morning! It is another beautiful day here.

Rie, I just read your posts and got "goose bumps" that was just a terrific post! I'm so glad that we Golden Girls have you with us too! So happy to read such an uplifting post. I think everyone reaches a point where everything just clicks and then things start working. I've had that click off and on and have lost weight and did exercise and feel really good-- but I don't think I have found the exact thing that just fits perfect for me. But I know it will happen and in the meantime--- in the words of the Unsinkable Molly Brown----"I Ain't Down Yet!"

OK need to go and give both dogs their baths.. Tomorrow it will be time for the flea treatment again. And their haircuts have grown out so much that they will have plenty of hair when the weather cools off. I know they felt much better this summer being shaved! Especailly with all the days we had over 100 degrees....

Take care everyone and I will get back later.

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.Ē ~
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Mornin' all........I've been busy selling stuff on ebay again. I sold 3 Harley Davidson hats for $157.52. We purchased them in 1984, the last year they made the white brimmed hats. I was fortunate to buy 2 for myself and that really paid off. I think we paid $14.99 for each of them. I'm going to list DH's leather jacket this afternoon. I think I'll go thru all MIL's brooches and get rid of them too, I rarely wear them myself.
Donna. . . yes, I still eat a teaspoon of chia seeds every morning along with 1 Tablespoon of ground flax seeds. I put them on my fiber One cereal and yogurt. I tried putting it in liquid but prefer the cereal route. I've noticed my finger nails have greatly improved since eating those two seeds, they don't split anymore or break off. Now if I only can keep them from staining when dealing with our apples.
Welcome newbies, sorry I didn't catch you before. I can relate to you Rie about pants fitting. I have small hips and legs too, larger waist. I used to buy men's 505 levi jeans when made in the U.S. I'm not sure where they make them now, I hate them. I've gone over the the junior department now, they fit really well. Just check out the teenage girls, all the legs on their pants are tight fitting, just make sure you don't get the low riders. (bend over and they slide off your butt)
I have more apples to freeze and I'm defrosting the freezer, have a load of clothes to hang out. Busy, busy.........I'll post the new September thread later tonight.

Bobbi Ė your information on chickpeas was really interesting! Thanks. Are you still using your chia seeds? I dutifully make my gel every 12 days (after that, it goes bad and SMELLS, ptuiiii). Iíve gotten to really like the taste of it, and the consistency hasnít made me gag in a long time. I notice it when I donít take it. The inside of my ears will peel if I donít get enough Omega 3, and the chia gel takes care of that quite well. It takes about a day without it until I start having recurring symptoms. Weird and strange.
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Morning everyone.. gee its raining again,our lovely fall weather i see the leaves starting to change color. Rei your post was inspiring, i too went thru similar health issues,diabetes,high blood pressure,obese(i hate that word i like plain old fat better) anyways yrs of bad eating,no exercise bad back ,back surg,paralaysized legs etc landed me in the hosp for 6 months fighting for my life.which led to more wgt gain,sigh,the gastric bypass surg wasnt an easy decision but saved my life.here.s to new beginings for all of us.its amazing to turn your life around isnt it ,and i too cherish the "GG" and the support we give each other. and yes Rei my dh is like a big child lol.Hoping you all have a wondeful day rosey

I am enough!
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Hi Everyone,

Finished with ALL reviewing & grading.

This morning my DD and I did our 10 mile training. Only 18 more days til the BIG 13.1!


I ABSOLUTELY agree with you. I tell everyone that diabetes is the best disease I ever got. Totally turned my life around. I was diagnosed in 2006. Since then, I have lost 40 lbs and added LOTS of exercise to my life.

My A1C is between 5 and 5.5 and my daily BS checks are 100 or less.

Now the bad news - in the last year, I have gone back to eating simple carbs. I REALLY know that I need to get back to eating protein and complex carbs. Given the problem I've been having with fat, I think I need to go vegetarian.


I'm sorry I have not been doing personals. I plan to start back for real tomorrow.

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Boo Hoo..... summer is gone.
Yipee.....Indian summer, yards and yards of spider webs dangling from the trees, apples turning red, butternut squash turning a golden yellow.
Onward to the September thread, see ya all there.
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