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Morning everyone, wheee its been crazy the last couple days..dh has had back to back dr tests,colonoscopyyesterday ,and today an mri to check out his kidneys.the co-scopy is routine becuz his dad had colon cancer and they are still trying to find out why the kidney pain and higher cretin levels..hope we get answers soon,however i think hes feeling some better but dont tell him lol. i watched some of the wedding i wanted to see her dress..she sure looked elegant sorta like camelot with the tiera and viel. Last nite i didnt feel like cooking so i ate some of the sesame chix my dh had picked up..oh my big mistake.by the time i got back in the living rm i was grabbing the trash can..lost it all. must have been the sugar jess hope u feel better soon..befor u went to the dr i thought about shingels.So i had lots of nervous energy with the dh having all the tests so my kitchen.s cleaned,dishes done,floors swept and bathrm re-organized.sorted thru clothes and am sending quite a few to salvation army too big! i had aphone call from oldest dd and my grson Tim whos a jr has a sports injury and hes benched for spring basketball..hes so bummed. we think hes been covering for the injury all season,he lives to play basketball.he has a quad injury,not torn but frayed like an old rope.he has to wear a brace and no activities all summer.if he follows dr orders and rehab he might get to play next yr..gee i can play the rest of the day and not feel guilty as my chores are done hmmm lots of possibilities hope your day is awsome. (((hugs))) rosey

I am enough!
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It's an easy going day today. Kinda cloudy but at least no rain. My dh is planting more flowers. I have just done my daily tasks plus wiped down the washer and dryer and cleaned out the car. Dh does the outside of the car. Same with the house. We are a very traditional couple ..except I take care of the money. And he likes to cook now and then.

We thought our son was coming today...knew it would probably be just a brief visit but not sure now. I have a beef roast in the slow cooker just in case. It has lots of veggies in it but no potato...I may serve it with rice as in our family more like rice than potato anyway although I love potatoes.

I'm out of my chocolate milk drink. Not sure it's helping me lose but at least I am maintaining and I really enjoyed it. The vanilla should be here soon so I can try it too. I think it would help me lose...it's just that I will eat too often even when I am actually full esp in the evening. Just gotta get past that!

I got a notice I won some hand lotion....just in time as I am out!

Seems like everyone watched the big wedding except me. I totally don't care...isn't that awful?!! They are an attractive couple though and I do wish them well. Even my almost 2 year old gd said her dress was "pitty."

Jess - glad your shingles aren't hurting so bad now.

Nancy - I like your new picture!

Today is a day when I have little to do and could actually chat more but I can't think of anything more to say...unusual for me! You all have a good day!

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Originally Posted by ellabella View Post
Hmmm. I havenít watched any of the royal wedding, but heard bits and snatches on the radio while driving in to work this morning. I actually thought, Lynn, that it had already been determined that Charles would be bypassed and his eldest son would be king once the royal mummy is gone. Iím not sure, of course Ė Iím afraid that my motherís anglophiliac leanings left me a bit cold (or at least not very interested) toward the Bristish ruling class. As for the gowns, Freda, I know that I saw numerous pictures of Diana in her wedding gown, and will no doubt see just as many of Kate in the years to come. Just from the perspective of someone who has spent their lives (me, I mean) in social work and later in life administering (and trying to make the budgets work for) social services programs for those least advantaged of the world, I find the excess spending of those at the top of the food chain on clothes, entertainment, cars, homes in every part of the world, etc., downright offensive when you consider what those same funds could do for the homeless and hungry among us. I suppose Iím just getting old and bitter, but it just seems to me that as a civilization, we sure have created one big mess for ourselves. Having said all of that (and obviously WAY more than I needed to say) itís nice to have you back with us, Lynn! Z
Hi Zoe,

Philosophically I ABSOLUTELY agree with you. I have a cousin who was in the IRA and I HATE the gross discrepancy between the rich and poor in all countries.

However, the older I get, the less I let my philosophy interfere with my pleasures. I LOVE the pageantry, the clothes, and especially the hats - see below. I also loved seeing shots of all the places in London that my DD and SIL and I visited.

BTW I had the same discussion with my DF this afternoon who was VERY disappointed that I watched the wedding this morning.

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What the HECK is on Princess Beatrice's head?????? Actually heck was not the word that came out of my mouth when I first saw that...thing...it was the eff word
"Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace" Albert Schweitzer
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Tea Granny - best wedding quote of the day!

I don't begrudge anyone their interest but I simply don't care. Zoe, I am with you about better uses for money. BTW I am also a social worker :-)

Rosey, it sounds like you have been really productive lately. Good for you!

Mary, it is cool that you are staying on plan. I am still interested in your chocolate milk drink.

I am getting my plans in order because I leave for the BCA National 8 ball championships in Vegas in less than 2 weeks. Anyone else a pool player?

Tomorrow Ladies!
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Good Morning GG's

Is anyone else glad that the wedding is over? While I love all the pomp and curcumstance, it was just too much. That was all that was on TV, all day! I did enjoy parts of it though. And who mentioned the hats? Some of them looked like they were a joke. If I had been there i would have had to do some lip biteing to keep from laughing. But we do the same hat thing for Derby day. It's traditional I guess. I have a Derby party sometimes and we all wear the most outlandish hats we can come up with.

Donna, I'm glad you're not having the pain that so often goes with shingles. The cream that they usually give you (zovirax) help quite the nerve pain.

Z, I'm appaled at the amount of money that is spent on weddings too. And how wide the gap between the very rich and the very poor is getting. I'm afraid that the "middle class" is going to be gone soon. Oh, and Thank you for your work at 911.

Rie, You're going to be playing tournament pool? Why, you celebrity you! will it be telavised? let us know. and good luck. Or should I say "break a leg"?

Tea, I think we would have both been laughing if we had been at the wedding. WE do a lot of that on Derba day too. And I would have though Fergie would have been taste than to let her daughter wear that hat. On the other hand, she does have quite a sense of humor.

Mary, DH and I used to be a very traditional couple also. And then his cousins wife died, and we saw how lost he was. We decided that we had to educated each other on the "chores" that we each did. I had to learn to pump gas, amoung many other things and he had to start doing the banking and learn to cook enough that he wouldn't starve or have to depend entirely on restaurants.

Rosie, I hope your DH is ok. Hopefully all the tests will find something small that they can easily fix or give a little pill for. Still testing what you can eat and cannot? I think it's an on going thing.

Karen31, Did you get any of the water or high winds? I hope everything is ok there. I got pictures on facebook from my Niece in Louieville showing all the water damage. Devistating.

Karen3, I didn't know they could tract things like you said aboutyour son's book being mentioned. Kind of spookey. Big Brother really is watching us. I heard a man talking about going into a restroom and being called later to ask how it was. He had been tracked by something, with cards in his wallet. I do hope that isn't true, but the news team seemed to think it was.

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Good morning everyone,

Well, my last day off ~ back to work tomorrow. I had used some vacation days to help watch the grandkids while mom and dad were away. Had a fun time with them and got some stuff done here at home during the hours that it wasn't my turn to be there.

I have weight watchers this morning ~ I know I will be up ~ kind of cringing ~ I expect it to be not so good, but it is not a suprise ~ I haven't been doing very good for a few days and I know it. No one to blame but myself. Back on track this morning.

Slept terrible last night ~ awake every darn hour.

Where is the sun today? Hope it comes out. The sunshine boosts my spirits.

Ok, guess I'd better quit fooling around and get on the ball.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Take care
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

Nobody can force you to have a certain attitude. But life will go so much better if you will simply choose to be positive. When you wake up, choose to be happy. Choose to be grateful for the day. (Joel Osteen)

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Good Saturday, All...
Freda, the doc didn't prescribe zovirax, and I wish she had! I'm keeping things under control with Cortaid, but it did wake me up during the night. I think I'm bored with this! Is the zovirax stronger?

The picture of Andrew and his girls made me laugh out loud! I found a copy on google and have passed it around! I'm wondering if those things are stapled on... or what??????

Time to go clean up before the LandscapeGod gets here to replace the sprinkler heads. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

If you're not part of the solution, you're just scumming up the bottom of the beaker---unknown
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Freda - you have the best personals!

Actually, I have played nationals for 4 years. Never good enough to be on TV ;-0. My best finish was top 64 out of several hundred players. This year I will be attending a school to become a certified referee for pool tournaments. I am excited although it means that I won't be able to play this year. I guess I will have to spend all my free time at the blackjack tables instead of the practice tables! DARN! LOL

Donna, I hope you continue to improve. It can be a long process.

I am also happy that most of the wedding hype is almost over.

Today I have to do some work. I am an administrator for a local govt department and it is budget time. I just can't get it done at work. It is too cold here to be outside anyway.

My son and DIL are stuck in north dakota due to a blizzard. They were about half way home last night when they got stopped. My friends spent the night in their car after they went off the road here on their way to a softball tournament! It is may and we are blizzarding! Oh, well. I am grateful that we are not suffering like the folks in the midwest and down south.

Have a really great day, ladies!
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Today is my dh's birthday!! He is 76 today. Can't believe he is so old...LOL but then I'm not so young anymore either. He doesn't look his age although I do notice more little differences as the years go by. It happens to the best of us. And he IS the best man I've ever known and the best husband! I honestly do not deserve such a wonderful husband but I've always said he's a keeper and I am definitely keeping him as long as God lets me.

Since it is his birthday we will be going out to eat. He likes to go to Izzy's as he gets a free dinner. I usually eat too much there but of my own choice as they have a great salad bar and I could easily stay OP. I will try to be reasonably good but I do love their desserts so I'm sure I will indulge a bit. Too bad though as the scale made me very happy today. Notice, I am not mentioning the number as I have resolved to waiting until it lasts at least a week.

Can't believe there is still snow in some places! You poor people! It is nice here although it took a while for the clouds to clear, but the sun is now shining. My dh is working in the yard and this is the day I try to get out and help with it a bit but haven't yet. I have my daily work done, have gone through the sock bag and that's about it. Need to go out soon to pickup a skirt I had to have dry cleaned...grr...hate dry cleaning but love this particular skirt!

Jess - those hats (or whatever they were) were ridiculous but it goes to show that even royalty makes it's goof-ups when it comes to fashion. And perhaps they enjoyed wearing them just for fun. I remember some pretty crazy things my girls (esp one) have worn. I agree with you that commented on the waste of money....esp in this time of hardship for so many.

Freda - I KNOW my dh would be lost without me when it comes to the finances! But about every month or so I sit him down and show him what to do and where records are etc., but it's hard for him to remember esp the computer stuff. I have a print-out on a bulletin board in my office if he will remember to read it too...tells him everything I can think of that he will need to know. I'm sure our youngest dd will help him too while she is here. You may remember, that when Joe had his accident, I had to do all the yard and gardening work, so I know at least right now I can do the basics, but he does much, much more than I did and I couldn't do all that he does. Some I could just let go but other I would need help. Also I know nothing about cars though he does show me things now and then trying to help me learn. I also wouldn't likely have the money to pay for help so unless my son can come back and help now and then, I'd have a problem. At that point I would probably just have to sell the house and hopefully find an appartment, condo or small house with a very small yard. It would be easier to do this before that time but it is very hard to leave our home. We are finally getting to many of the things we have neglected for so long esp outside and the yard looks so pretty right now. The inside still needs a lot of work but it's mostly for looks...it is comfortable.

BTW, Jess, we didn't get to see our son afterall! Because of the weather in the mountains he couldn't bring his motorcyle (the reason he was coming was to store it here temporarily) and so they drove on to the coast. His GF had a test to take for her new job and he had job interviews. He apparently has now secured a job but not the one he really wanted. They wanted to stop on the way back but are so rushed and have so much going on, we told them we understood and we will see them after they are settled in at their new home.
We know this is a very busy and stressful time for them.

So we had a very overcooked roast last night and then I froze the rest. I'm sure that's why I lost weight....I don't like my meat overcooked, plus for some reason yesterday all I wanted was water and fruit. Of course I had to limit my fruit but I sure craved it. I hope this desire for water and juicy fruit wasn't due to my diabetes as my bs was higher yesterday and is still this morning. Docs been talking again about putting me on Byetta but I sure hate to inject myself.

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Evening all....quiet day down here. Not as humid or as breezy. Spent the day reading. Cooked for company last night and had leftovers for today. Love no brainer meals. Almost as good as having a chef.

I sat out on the lania after a swim and now my eyes burn. There is just so much pollen. Feels like have boiling eyeballs! You can wipe down the furniture and 20 minutes later it's coated. Car looks green.

After all these years DH and I knew each others chores. Anything that he can't figure out will show up the first of the new month. The biggest problem would be if I was left with all his toys.I periodically clean out my closets and cabinets with the idea that someday one of kids would be looking thru my stuff. That tends to get me purging. He absolutely refuses to use the atm machine. And I won't ride in the car with gas cans......yuck instant headache. I'd love to live in a condo, but again not with all his toys. We down sized 11 yrs ago and feels like we're back up stuffed full again.

Checked my baby blue birds. They look like hairy balls. They should be flying in another 10 days. Hard to believe.

LOL at Zoe's comment that i live in the Bermuda triangle....that is the perfect explaination for my stove problems.

Off to long hot shower and jammies and back to my book.....k3
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Howdy...I just got caught up with everyone's news. I need to start writing down my thoughts and the person the thoughts go to on some notebook paper. By the time I get around to posting, I've forgotten what everyone said. (I think dementia is sneaking up on me and clouding my brain) I had our property tax bill on my desk last week, I don't know what I did with it! I went thru all my files, DH's top dresser drawer, the paper re-cycle pile, the paper bin, the garbage. It's nowhere to be found, darn! Monday I'll have to call the court house and see if they will send me out a duplicate. DH went turkey hunting today with the 15 year old kid that lives down the road. I was thinking I'd have the whole day to myself......nope! It was too wet and they came right back home.
KarenFla...it would be fun to see the baby blue birds, we love watching the Decorah Iowa Eagle cam. I have my computer set up to constantly monitor them, the Eagles have 3 babies. They are above a fish hatchery, the nest weighs over a ton. The pair come back every year and nest in the same place. They have a 24/7 camera on the nest, check it out.
I laughed when I saw Beatrice's weird hat too, what was she thinking? Maybe she wanted the attention.
Do any of you watch The Apprentice? We were never big fans of Donald Trump but he has a fantastic show. We tuned in for the first time this season because I wanted to see if Star Jones gained her weight back.
I posted the May thread and will close this one. Can you believe it's May already? We still waiting for nice weather, the kid that Bruce went hunting with today is a farm boy. His dad is really frustrated because the corn should have been planted by now, it never stops raining around here.
Have a great Sunday everyone!

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