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Default Thanks, Carbs, Cheese,My Interview-and passed my 1st Goal

Thanks to everyone for their support! The interview was postponed until Tuesday but my agency contact said that the company still "very much wants to interview" with me. There was supposed to be a conflict with the managerial staff-which happens if meetings are called-but maybe they are hoping the agency will bring more people in this week.

There is no Dress for Success in our area now but they hope to have one. There's an opportunity! After checking out TJMAXX, Walmart and the Thrift shop, I did buy 2 blouses ( and I'll need to lose 10 more pounds) but decided to go with my old standby-a neutral toned paisley shell, pearls and gray trousers with a dark green jacket.

The other good news is that as of this morning I lost 21 LBS! If that seems like a lot, remember that I am just 5'2" and weighed 290. I know the loss will slow down a lot, but I am more concerned with the tape measure.

My sister has been struggling-she attends WW meetings and those of you who follow that plan know that they just changed the point system. With her weight loss her points were reduced and after the holidays she was having trouble anyway. When she showed the leader her food journal she talked to her after the meeting. She said she could see right away that sis had been eating too many carbs and this reminded me to look at MINE!
It's all about moderation and my nutrition class drove home the info that all calories ARE NOT created equal. I though I was safe because my only carbs (I thought) have been oatmeal in the am, 1 small tortilla or a deli flat, and a small potato with dinner, etc. and perhaps a few crackers. I realized this morning that my 1-a-day flavored yogurt is loaded too-I don't eat the diet flavors due to the aspartame (affects my Irritable Bowel). So of the 27g of carb, 25g is SUGAR! Also she said watch the cheese intake because too much fat slows you down too. SIGH

We were talking about the wanting "too much too quick" sydrome yesterday and how it can derail you. I think it's better for her now that I am back on track too.

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My son and I have both been trying to lose weight and we do best when we both are on track, too.

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain."
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Default Yes, It's Easier When you Have Support! Plus a Filling Sandwich Option

Right! Keep on working at it-it is WORK!
Well my husband will never understand; he has a setpoint of 152 LBS and lived on junk for years (not because of me, he insists we have want he wants). No one in his family has BIG weight issues-for the ones that gain it's usually 20-30 pounds that they can take off quick! He can eat WHATEVER he wants, altho he eats much less than he did 20 years ago.
So my Sis and I are trying to support each other right now. My two daughters have struggled with some extra weight since their teens and are determined to get it off! The older one told me she has been making a yummy turkey chilli and substitutes chopped up peppers for chopped tomatoes since my SIL is not a big fan of tomatoes. My daughter says she can have 1.5 cups and it's 6 WW points!
Also I make a yummy sandwich that is filling for guys as well, they can have bigger portions. I make them with flour tortillas-wheat for those who can tolerate it, I can't anymore.

Tortilla Wrap

6 thin slices smoked turkey
1/4 cup "roasted" peppers (done in a pan with olive oil spray)
1/4-1/2 cup salad-any kind
1 tsp roasted red pepper (hummus or another flavor)
red onions slice or scallion
1 tsp grated cheese (optional)
1 flour tortilla, your choice of flavor, type, or size (check the calories!)

*The hummus replaces the "need for cheese". If you don't like it, leave it out!
*Spead the hummus on tortilla with a spoon to within 1/2 inch of the edges
fill with meat (can use leftover chicken, tuna, or low-fat ham also)
*layer with peppers, then lettuce (can add a tabsp of oil/mayo or dressing at
this point if you need it!)
*or extra crunch have some baby carrots on the side, or if you must, a serving of whatever you normally have, a side of 1 serving of low fat chips, etc.

I started making these when I was so hungry-my daughter was on a stringent plan years ago and wanted me to do it with her. I "cheated" with the tortilla (the plan did not allow any bread) and found that this sandwich kept me full for hours! It has tons of flavor and you can switch out for veggies or low fat, low salt, low carb, fillings that you like!

I eat these about 4-5 days a week for lunch. Today I'm having a cup of soup on the side 'cos it's pouring rain and 44!
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