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Default Getting to grips to with it.

I am 59 and have tried every diet (fad and non fad) that's going. Yes I lose weight but put it all back on again.
Feeling a total failure and weighing 18 stones, I went to my doctor last week. I was expecting to be given a lecture and a useless diet sheet. Instead of that, I was given support, advice and referred to the surgery dietician. She and my doctor explained to me, that half starving myself had completely messed up my metabolism.
They have got me going on a low fat but healthy diet and told me to throw away my scales, just weigh each week when I go to the surgery. Weight loss will be a by-product of healthy eating.
They've also set me realistic goals 2-3lbs a week. More than this, and I will pile the weight back on. I've been told not to expect even 2lbs this week because the way I ate last week(!) the weight would be going on until at least last Wednesday.
I know losing an initial 10lbs+ a week is the norm on most diets these days, but my body won't take that anymore.
So here I am on Saturday Nov. 21st waiting for my weigh in on Monday morning.
Leeway, who started me feeling better about myself the first day I joined, suggested I had a look at this forum so here I am. Wish me luck for Monday
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May I suggest getting on the scale backwards so you don't see the weight at all for the first few months (just have the office note it in their files for their records)?

I rarely weigh in as I suspect that if I saw how slow the weight loss is now would discourage me. However with my every other month weigh in, the number is always down and by the time I calculate that it was only 1.2 lbs/week, I'm already excited about the total. I know many people need the scale reinforcement but for me, this works.
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Welcome, Dinky. I am 53 and my weight loss is averaging 1 lb per week. Very frustrating when I see the younger girls losing so much faster, butunlike past attempts at weight loss, I keep truckin' on. I am down two sizes, and I feel so much better. For the first time in my life, I am exercising. Not running, mind you, but walking, and doing some strength training. I just use 3,5, and 8 lb dumbells. I can actually see some muscle definition! The more muscles you have, the more calories you burn. It also helps to write down everything that you eat. When I did this I realized just how much I was eating! And drink LOTS of water! Good luck on your journey. Check out the support forums, everyone is so nice!

One for every 5 pounds lost

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Dinky, to 3FC, and especially to the Age 50+ forum. Please join one or more of the groups going on here, where you'll find lots of support and friendship.
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Careysings, that's a wonderful idea. But I don't mind knowing, one less is better than one more.
Latetothe game You have never said a truer word. Slow but sure will be my mantra from now on. Yes I didn't realize how much I was snacking, or how many 'butties' I was having. I make my self sit down now instead of eating on the go and also chew my food for longer.
I'm taking more water onboard too.
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Originally Posted by Dinky View Post
I know losing an initial 10lbs+ a week is the norm on most diets these days, but my body won't take that anymore.
I don't think that losing 10+ pounds a week is the norm on any diet, let alone a healthy one. So if anyone is hoping for or expecting that kind of loss, I fear they are in for a disappointment! I think that tv shows like "Biggest Loser" are kind of setting people up for disappointment when they show people losing this kind of weight.

It sounds to me like you are absolutely on the right track with a reasonable, healthy eating plan. I started my new way of eating in January 2009 at the age of 47 (I'm now 48). My rate of weight loss is 1.27 pounds per week. It was faster in the beginning (maybe 2, 3 pounds on a good week) and has slowed down substantially now that I'm within 10-20 pounds of my goal. 1.27 pounds/week sounds maddeningly slow, until you realize that it has added up to 55 pounds thus far, which has made a huge difference in how I look and feel.

Best of luck to you! Lots of people have great success with faster weight loss, but I think for some of us gals who are a little older it can be pretty tough to achieve that kind of quick loss while still maintaining reasonable muscle mass. So I'm a big advocate of the slow and steady path that you are embarking upon. You will be amazed at how you look this time next year!

Short-Term Goal

One dancer for each 5 lbs lost!
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Hi Dinky! Welcome. Windchime said, please don't expect to lose 10 pounds a week (10 pounds a month may be a stretch). But small gains do add up.

I first came to this forum 10 years ago, and lost-gained-lost until I'm finally back to the weight I had when I first logged in. Over the past 13 months, I've lost 40 pounds -- and that's about 3 pounds a month. It's really been 5 pounds very quickly, then nothing for a month, but however, it's off. If I only lose 40 pounds in the next 13 months, I'll take it.

I'm very glad you've found sympathetic health care providers. Best of luck to you.
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Hi Dinky,
My name is Lynn and I post almost daily on the Golden Girls thread. Please feel free to join our discussions there.

About your post, I dieted unsuccessfully for about 50 years yo-yoing up and down over and over. Then, I changed everything about 5 years ago and have successfully lost and maintained. Here is what I have learned from both experiences -

Dieting doesn’t work. What you need to do is change your life – what you eat, when you eat, your exercise, your related behaviors all must change.

You need ongoing support. Find a group on 3FC or some other site, or find a face-to-face group and make friends focused on weight loss/maintenance.

Losing weight can be reduced to a simple mathematical formula – eat 3,500 calories fewer than you burn and you will lose 1 pound. Therefore, to lose weight, eat less and exercise more.

As you lose, you will need to eat less and/or exercise more to lose more. It gets harder (not easier) to lose over time.

A healthy weight loss = .5 to 2 pounds/week. If you are losing more than that, you need to decrease your exercise or increase your calories. How you lose is how you must maintain. Therefore, if you starve yourself to lose, you will need to continue to starve yourself to maintain.

Over time, your weight-loss focus needs to change to a healthy eating/exercising focus. To lose and maintain your loss, you need to treat your body well.

I hope to get to know you and wish you well.


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Hi Dinkey, and the rest of you over 50 posters. Good to see that you found this forum. I post on Golden Girls and hope you come over and check us our. Great bunch of ladies who cheer each other on and celebrate each lost pound!

I have to second everything that Lynn said. Dieting doesn't work. I know, i've been on one my entire life too. I'm the classic yo-yo. What does work is finding a "diet" eating plan that you can live with. For me it's counting calories, journaling, and basically just eating as healthy as I can. That means lots of fruit and vegetables and fibeer, drinking my water, and planning. I make a menu the first of the week and write down every thing that I am going to eat. saves me lots of time and money and the worry about what I am going to make for dinner. I'm sure you will work something out for you too.

I am one of those rare people that don't mind exercise. I think it is so important. But right now I have a broken foot and i'm not doing much, and I still lost in the last challenge. There is a new challenge now, you might want to check it out. I know I do well under pressure!

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Another, for the diets don't work. You are never too old to start getting healthy, forget about the number on the scale, if you are truly eating the correct food, and more important correct amount, getting in your water, and start moving more. You will see not only the scale go down, but you will feel so much better. That new journey you are about to start, we are all here to help you in anyway that we can. You have a great day on Monday, and please let us all know, how it's going for you. Good Luck


Blue Team

February 1st
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Yup, what they all said. A "diet" doesn't work because it's something you do temporarily and then quit. What works is a lifestyle overhaul - something you can live with permanently. We all want to see instant results, but the kind of diets that yield those dramatic results aren't sustainable. If you just lose an average of ONE pound per week, that's still 50 pounds a year!

I also encourage you to find a way to incorporate movement into your day. It doesn't have to be hard core exercise, walking is great. Exercise was vital in my weight loss success and still is in maintenance. It was hard at first, but now I LOVE exercise, sports and activity. It's the best part of my day. You may not be nuts like me, but you may also find that it's not torture either.

Good luck!!
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I agree with this, especially for our age group. I am really concentrating on getting adequate protein and fiber each day and limiting my fats to the good ones (olive oil, nuts, etc.). I am in great health anyway, but it never hurts to work on it more! I did not set a low calorie goal as I know it will just backfire on me. I try to stick with 1500 calories most days and allow up to 1800 on weekends. My progress has been slow but steady. I've lost 8 pounds since mid November (even with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's) so I feel like a success. Hopefully since the holidays are over I will lose a little faster, maybe 6 pounds per month.
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Hi, Dinky, welcome! Congratulations to you for starting down the path to a happier and healthier new you!

There used to be this silly commercial that would say, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." I hear that in my head a lot since I've started changing my diet and exercise, and it encourages me. A new decade, a new year, a new and healthier life!

I wish you the best of luck on your journey to the healthiest and happiest you ever! Welcome!
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