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Beach G - ugghh the weight question. I was in fact heavy. This is such a long story... It is still kinda painful for me so I have burned almost every photo. Fortunately, or unfortunately my father managed to dig up an old photo from his wedding because nobody actually believed me. I gave it to the NBC publicist so she could give it to press for their articles. I will have her e-mail a copy of that photo and see if I can post it here for you guys.

Here is the story in a nutshell - I was a heavy - not obese - kid. I was about 45# heavier then I am now. I know this doesn't sound like much to you guys but I am only 5'2 so it is just under a third of my body weight. I was a size 12 (now a size 4). My body fat was 25% now it's 11%. When I was about 14 my mother got me into martial arts and it was my instructor that taught me about health and fitness. He showed me how strong I was through tough love and subsequently changed my life in more ways then just the physical. This is where I get my fitness philosophy and my passion for fitness as a tool to transform lives both physically and emotionaly. I could go on and on about this, but I don't want to bore you. Long story short - my book is really about my own journey towards health and my own struggles with weight. Over 17 years I have asked every question, read every fad diet, tried every pill, worked out on every gizmo. I have talked with the top nutritionists in the world, the best sports medicine doctors, and biochemists. Through all of that - I managed to lose the weight and form my "3 s approach to weight loss and total health". Dear god... are you guys hating me yet for this long post. If you guys have more specific questions about this I will be happy to answer but for now I think you have suffered enough.
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