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Real name:Pam

Geographical location: Starke, Florida

Age: 39

Marital Status: Divorced

Children/Ages: Daughter Age 17

Occupation: Member Service Rep for Health insurance Company

Pets: Two Quaker Parronts,, Kiwi and Okra

Hobbies/Interests: Music, Swimming, Painting Ceramics, Playing games online

Height: 5'8"

Eye/Hair Color: Brown/ Light Brown

Date of Surgery: October 3, 2005

Type of Surgery: Roux en Y gastric bypass

Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: Prob since 1987

Starting Weight: 365

Weight at surgery: 360

Present Weight: 330

Goal Weight: I Think I should be about 165

Biggest hurdle to overcome in managing after WLS: The drinking of water. Fluids, hard for me to keep track of . but trying ..

Anything else you would like to share with us:

I am excited about this. I am getting a chance to be a new me with eating habits. I know I am having minor complications at the moment. But guarantee I wont weight this much again.. Im gonna take this opportunity to make me a healthier me.. Im not sure If Ill be treated differently or If ill treat people differently.. Ill try not to.. but Im a bit nervouse to go back to work.. as Ill be different looking to them.. its kinda creepy in a way.. and now its even longer to go back to work .. due to the complications... anyway will cross that bridge when it comes..

WLS 10/3/2005
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