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Default Stuck and Confused

Im wondering if anyone else is in this position or has been, or has some advice for me!!! Ive changed the way I eat/live since the start of the year... I lost the first 20 kg (44pd) quite easily and then got stuck at around 85kg. Over the next 2/3 months I have lost the next 5kg and I think its taken me a month to get another 1 kilo off... Ive tried fixing my eating, increasing excercise but it just wont move. Im feeling frustrated and getting anxious about it. I feel that im getting smaller but not much and (i know its wrong) seeing my friends eat so bad and stay small and im eating well and exercising and still big is just about to tip me over the edge!!!

My other problem is that for my height (5"1'ish) the advised weight range is like 45 - 55kg (approx) and i know im never going to be tiny so i set my aim at 60kg. I am currently at 79kg and am about a size 14/16. I think if i lost another 19kg I wouldnt look healthy at all, i was annorexic in high school and my lowest was around 52kg and i was very sick. Im confused therefore as what to set my goal as. I want to have a goal so that I can achieve it otherwise I will possibly just give up ---> may be why im not loosing... Has anyone had to change their goal after starting loosing weight and what is reasonable?? I was thinking that maybe il make it when I fit into a size 12 but my top size doesnt match my bottom size so im just not sure... If you have any ideas it would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Cheers from Oz, Beck!
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