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Hello My name is Felicia.

I just joined LAWL yesterday and I am looking forward to getting all this weight off once and for all. I am 28 years old, married and we have an 8 year old son. I gained most of my weight from pregnancy but after having him and dealing with the day to day life I guess you can say that food has just become a good friend.

My highest weight ever was 267 lbs and in May of 2005 I decited to make some changes. I started dieting but not exercising and I lost 45 pounds. I am no longer as motivated as I was and I just can't seem to get with it. So I decited to get some help because I am so tired of starting programs and not finishing them or not getting the results I should.

I think LAWL is the lifestyle change for me and I am sure I will kick butt. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

"Don't give up on what you want the most.......for what you want at the moment"
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