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Smile Allow me to introduce myself....

Hello ladies!

I have lurked long enough, and decided this is the forum for me. Everyone seems so down to earth and supportive. So here goes my bio: My name is Kisha. An earlier post I misspelled this as Kisa, so I apologize. I am just turning 27, and have struggled with weight since 22, when I started on clomid to reverse annovulation, and get pg with my now 3yr old daughter. I had complications with the pg, and got gestational diabetes. My weight shot from 195 to 242. Before I did clomid I was 150. Anyway, she was 10lbs, early at that, but I still lost all the weight by breastfeeding. When she was 9 mos, I got pg again on our own. I got to 236 this time. Still lost all the weight by 3 mos. I started slim in 6 in oct.04, and got down to 184-186, and in a size 13, some 12's. It's been a year, and I'm now at 182, but sometimes will hover at 185-186. My eating wasn't good. So, my sil lost weight with lawl, so I figured I'd give it a try. My habits are eating late, snacking, eating out, no breakfast or lunch sometimes. So, lawl will show me how and what to eat, and I like that. I will not give up, I am going to get back to 150. I'm only 5'3 with shoes on, but with all the inches lost, I don't look over 160(so they tell me!). Anyway, I've talked a bit with Shennie on here, and I've decided to join you all. I hope to get to know you all.

mom to 3 buggaboos
Jaeda 3
Jakira 1.5
Shy 8.5
Maurice dear husband
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