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I first started taking glucosamine-chondroitin together about 6 years ago. Around day nine, I woke at 5 am wil enormously swollen lips, tongue, and eyelid. I looked like Donald Duck. After a very relaxing 7 or 8 hours in the ER hooked up to IV benadryl, the ER doc told me to find a glucosame-only supplement. Anyone who has a mild seafood allergy (I didn't know I had one) will react after 8-14 days. Anyone with a major seafood allergy will react instantaneously.

I really noticed a huge improvement in knee pain with the glucosamine. I still take it twice a day...hey, if it's not broken, don't fix it! However, I've also completely changed the way I eat, gotten a whole lot stronger, and lost 60 some pounds.

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