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I used to take this combination, until I read a report by Berkeley Wellness (University of California). According to them, the glucosamine is all we need and is what does the trick. They said chondroitin has not been shown to do anything except jack up the price and they recommended avoiding MSM.

Their article on glucosamine is available to the public at

Their articles on chondroitin and MSM are only available to subscribers. However, I will paste a brief excerpt here

Chondroitin Sulfate

Claims, Benefits: Halts, reverses, or cures arthritis.

Bottom Line: Taken with glucosamine, this is a popular "cure" for osteoarthritis. There are many questions about what happens to the chondroitin you swallow—and no convincing evidence of its benefits. A large study on these supplements is underway, with results expected in two or three years. If you do take it, tell your doctor.

Claims, Benefits: Cures and treats arthritis, plus headaches, muscle pain, athletic injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, food allergies, etc.

Bottom Line: This is clearly an unproven "remedy." All the evidence is anecdotal. The long-term effects are unknown. Don't take it.
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