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I totally agree. Fish oil, or Omega-3 oils, have nothing to do with weight loss. But they are good for your heart, and our goal is overall health, not just weight loss. If you eat fish a few times a week, then you should get enough naturally. If not, then you may consider fish oil capsules. Don't overdo it, though, because it can thin your blood too much and increase your chances of hemorrhagic stroke. I take 3 grams daily, but I believe the recommended dosage for the average, healthy person is 1 or 2 grams. I take 3 because it was recommended by my cardiologist. I've noticed a dramatic decrease in the frequency and severity of my heart arrhythmias. Taking more than 3 grams probably should only done on the advice of your physician. Even I had problems when I had dental work done earlier in the year. I was bleeding so much that they thought I was on prescription blood thinners and wanted to stop the procedure. I went back a few weeks later after stopping the fish oil temporarily.

To learn more about fish oil, I'd recommend the links MrsJim posted, as well as a few articles from WebMd.

Btw, I take Natrol Purified Fish oil. It costs about 8.99 for a bottle of 120 softgels. Walgreens often has it buy one - get one free.

I'm surprised the fish oil made you break out. It's really a tiny amount of fat, especially compared to what is in our meals. A bowl of oatmeal has more fat than a dosage of fish oil capsules. Besides, dermatologists say that it is a myth that fatty foods cause breakouts. If this continues, you might want to change your makeup or cleanser, or ask your doctor for help with it.
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