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Smile New here

Just got here, haven't had the chance to read any of the posts yet. Looking forward to it though.

Ok, I'm a 40 yr old mother of 3 ages ..19, 15 and 11 (and a maw-maw to a grandbaby girl who just turned 1 yesterday!)

Married 16 yrs to my dh. Un-employed at the moment. Was working (private duty nursing) with the same client for 5 yrs 'till she passed. Basically done the same line of work off and on for the past 21 yrs. In no hurry to go back this time. Enjoying the break for a change.

My a child I really didn't have a weight problem so to speak. High school I weighed 105# all 4 yrs. Had my daughter and on came the weight. I've been off and on with my weight every since. Got down to 108# after my last son..stayed there for a little over 2 yrs. Ran into some stress in life and it came back again. I'm only 5' inches..LOL. Small build/frame so...being heavy doesn't look at all good. Weighed 150-160 for I don't know how many years...maybe 3-4?? For the past 5 yrs I've weighed between 130 and 140. My goal weight is 110-115 which is really at my ideal weight as far as the charts go. Even less then that but I'm not no spring chicken anymore so, I'm not going to wish for too much. I think 110-115 is a nice goal for me. Just be glad when I get there and can STAY there.

Ok, hope this wasn't too long and drawn - out. Going to check - out some other posts.

Thanks for reading this,
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