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Hello and welcome. i am not an expert bcause i just started my third week, so you will probably gte better advoce from the seasoned veterans on here, but i knowthat mnay people have opted to use LUNA bars instead of the lites because they are basically the same thing. Or you can look on ebay and try to buy the lites...but if you don't do the lites, you get a different plan I am pretty sure.

I myself didn't know about the luna bars until it was to late, so I paid for my program stabilization and half of maintenance already. i had been debating on what I would do after maintenance, but I am pretty sure thatI won't keep using the lites, unless i find a great sell on EBay just because after doing the math I realized that if I but the other 6 months of lites, I would be spednign more than my rebate would be anyhow, so I will probably do a reality check when I hit that point but for right now I think that if I maintain for 6 months, I'll be fine andI will probably move over to the luna bars just to have as needed.

I wrote down the ingredients to alot of the supplements on my visit last week and went down the street to vitamin world and found the same stuff for way less money, so you might want to rethink paying them 160 every month or two whenyou can probaly go to your local nutrition store and get what you need. Especially since you have the bottles, they shoul be able to find a perfect fit for you.

Don't let yourself get pressured into spending more than you can afford, because then you will end of being upset and hating to see the people who "suckered" you in and you don't want to hate each time you have to walk in there.

It is really sad that there are soem centers who don't explain the price of the lites upformt. My center didn't tell me the bulk price but I did know the regular price was $30 per box, so I was prepared for the sticker shock.

Good luck and the people on here are wonderful, they have healped me tremedously.

Also as far as the supplements, i am taking a supplement that increasing matabolism and you take it three times a day before you eat ( I think that is almost like the Excel) and I made a mistake and took one thinking I was about to eat, but got busy and I felt terrible (jittery, sweating etc), so I called my doctor and her told me that that was normal sinc eI hadn't aten right away but to not make that a habit...just FYI

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