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I just joined LAWL on 09.13.05. The upfront enrollment fee was a little heafty, but I needed to give myself a kick in the butt. I'm normally the type of person who exercises regularly and eats healthy the majority of the time, but the last two years of my life have been so hectic that I fell off the wagon and gained 30 pounds. I bascially joined to be held accountable. I'm glad I found this web site. I picked this Thread because it seems to have the most bites. I have some questions and concerns with the program. Hopefully all of you wonderful people will help me out.

I've gone to my first three appointments. I've done the juice and I'm on the GOLD PLAN. Is anyone else on this plan? I also opted to take some of the supplements. I normally don't take things like this, but I'm going to Hawaii on October 19th and I wanted to lose the bulk of my weight by then. The counselor told my I was eligible to take all of the products. I already take a multi and calcium daily, so I didn't get those, but I did get the Xcel, Reduce Plus, FB500 and Carb Enders. I've been on them for three days now, and I'm starting to feel jittery and light headed. Has anyone else taken the supplements? Can I please get a heads up? I'm feeling obligated to take these because they cost so much. Any advice?

I also was bit shocked on my third appointment when I was hit with the cost of the LA Lites. I wasn't given too much information about these on my first two visits, except they help curb your appitite, provide you with protein and taste good. I was given a sample box on my second visit, along with a coupon to purchase more in bulk on my next visit. I was told it was cheaper to buy in bulk, but I wasn't given any costs. When I got to my third appointment (3.4 pounds lighter than when I started-YEAH!), I was given the LA Lite package information. WOW!! I've already dumped $400 for the start fee and $160 on supplements. I told the counselor that I needed to discuss this new cost with my husband. She did extend my coupon for two more days, but I'd like to get some info. from everyone on the LA Lites.

My husband feels I don't need them. I mean I did just join the program to get a kick in the butt to do what I already know how to do. I'm not sure if the LA Lites are really necessary. I left the appointment feeling obligated to buy a package. The counselor told me to tell my husband that this would be the last cost. I need some help. I've tried a few of the bars, and they are good but I'm looking for other on the go alternatives.

In need of advice!
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