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Default My ab routine

mscelica - No, I don't mind sharing what I do. Though I suppose I should start with the disclaimer that I am not a medical professional or a trained anything of any kind, so anyone who takes my ideas does so at their own risk. HA, is that enough to keep me from getting sued?

So, what I do is so basic it is to laugh. The key is to make yourself do it every single day. That has been the key for me, anyway.

1 - Lying on my back, knees bent, I do a crunch with a twist to the left. I don't sit all the way up, I just bring my upper back off the ground, while reaching to the left with both arms. I do this on an exhale, and hold it until I've exhaled completely. Then slowly roll back down. I make sure to keep my right hip on the ground, not letting it come up at all. I started doing this 15 times, but now I am doing 20.

2 - Same thing, but to the right.

3 - Basic forward crunch. Not a full sit-up, arms stretched straight forward, on the exhale, holding until I've exhaled completely.

4 - Lower abs. Lying down, I stretch my legs out all the way, put my hands under the small of my back for support, and lift both legs. Not very high, the lower you can control this, the better the workout. This is a toughie, I started with 5, and now I do 10. Always on the exhale.

5 - Lying on my stomach, legs stretched out, arms bent, resting above my head, forehead resting on the ground. Slowly, on an exhale, I arch my back so that my upper body to about mid-torso comes off the ground, and my legs come off the ground, up to about mid-thigh. Hold until all exhaled, then release, slowly and with control.

6 - Lying on my stomach, forehead resting on my hands, I do single leg lifts. Engaging the butt muscle, I lift each leg, not too high, hold it, and release slowly. I do this 20 times for each leg.

And that's it. I have done it almost every day for 22 days (I skipped one day), and because I can see the results, I am convinced it is enough. It takes about 15-20 minutes, and I do it after jogging. I hope the descriptions are clear. Describing exercise in words is sort of tough. The main thing was listening to what my body needed and letting that guide me.

Hope it helps!
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