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Originally Posted by lilmommy2
I'm new at this..but here goes, I also had back surgery a couple of years ago and I too am working on my weight. I had a herniated disk in my lower back and it feels better than what it did before I went in for surgery but I still have some problems with it like when I stand up too long or sit too long. Also if I push myself and do too much around the house or exercise. I find that sleeping on a heating pad at night and also right before bed I soak in a hot bath, as hot as I can stand it. It loosens up those muscles right away!!
I was also diagnosed with premature heart disease...I am only 25 years old!!! Does anyone know of some good exercises that are somewhat easy on the heart??
Hi mommy,

I too have mitral valve prolapse syndrome (irregular and premature heartbeats) and without the Toprol I'm on ... it really bothers me ALLOT!

I also produce too much andrenaline, and the Toprol cuts that down and so it helps with the palps.

I lost 50 pounds 5 years ago by walking every day 2-3 miles a day, and eating lower fat ... and the heart didn't bother me much at all, of course, I was on the Toprol too. Before the med, I had a horrible time and it made my life miserable ... but now I do most everything, and besides an occasional skip or pvc .. I'm fine.

Just wanted to share...
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