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Default differences

I think there are many variations with PCOS.

My cholesterol went really high and my insulin levels are through the roof while my blood sugar levels are normal. My body is making tons of insulin to keep my blood sugar where it should be.

If you haven't, I recommend going to an endocrinologist since they are more or less specialists in this area. My regular dr. didn't have a clue and was going to put me on a starvation diet as nothing else he was doing to help me lose weight was working - that's when I went to an endocrinologist who diagnosed me.

I'm now on:
Alesse bc pills
GlucophageXR for my insulin levels (and supposed to help with the weight)
Zocor for the cholesterol (which has come down nearly 100 pts. by the way)
Vaniqua for the facial hair. this stuff works great!!!
[b]Sugar Busters]/b] for the healthy eating. We need to control our blood sugar to avoid becoming diabetic and this program is very healthy and proactive. There's a SB thread on here if you're interested in looking at more information on it.
exercise for the rest of the program - I lift weights 3x per week for about 30 min. each. I walk on the treadmill 20-30min about 2-3x per week.

My health is getting better, but the weight is very slow in coming off.
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