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Red face


Thanks for the quick response. Yeah I am eating everything I am suppose to be eating, it is hard cause we have eaten out a lot in the last couple of days and I eat out at lunch everyday, but usually and really it is most of the time, I eat a salad at lunch.

I got the Slim Downs today to see if that helps me out when I am at work. I am getting all my water in and barely drinking any caffine(almost none).

I totally had a break down at the center today for my visit. I think that the counsler thought i was a nut case.

Oh by the way for the rest of the forum...I am 28, married for 3 years and have 2 dogs. We moved to the Cleveland area in November for our job only to find out 3 weeks ago that they are moving the HQ to Chicago (where we just came from). we decided that we are staying here since we love our house and like it here.

I have been heavy since about the 4th grade from what I remember. I remember being the first girl in the class with boobs. I finally decided that it was time to lose the weight and I have tried just about everything. Finally here is where I am at.

Hoping to get a lot of support from 3FC Forum.

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