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Default Walking to, from school good for teen health

An interesting article about how walking to and from school made teens more active throughout the day. It suggests that people walk to and from school and work to get such benefits. HA, if only these Scottish researchers realized that not everyone lives in New York City--I am not walking the 12 miles to my job (or the 33 miles to my job from my new apartment when I move next month!)!

Also, when I was in middle school and high school, we were not allowed to walk to and from school. If we arrived on school grounds by foot and a faculty member caught us, we were not allowed inside the school. We were also not allowed to leave school grounds on foot. This may have something to do with liability for the school should something happen to a student while walking to/from school. Our middle school and high school were less than a mile apart from one another, and I was not allowed to walk from the middle school to the high school to meet my sister (who had a car to drive us home). Instead, she was required to drive that less-than-a-mile distance to come pick me up. I would understand if it was a busy road, but the road between the two schools ONLY went to the two schools--no other homes or businesses or anything, not even any adjoining roads...only trees! Like I said, though, I'm sure it's a liability thing.

I guess I was just kind of annoyed that researchers can come up with unreasonable solutions for increasing health in today's world. Sure, some people could walk, but I would think the majority of us travel too far to work to walk there.
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