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I am in the medical field....I have worked with many doctors, surgeons, nurse practitioners etc etc etc..
What I have found is that almost all doctors over the age of 35 have very poor bedside manners...including during office visits.
I have no love loss for doctors and feel they often trivialize their patients problems and instead of leading them to a better understanding of how to change and improve their situations, they instead go for the easy "fix"...get the patients in....listen for as short a period as possible and get them out of the office or the hospital...
I would like to have more information about this particular situation before making a judgement however, as I have heard and seen many situations where the patients were totally inappropriate, or led the doctors to HAVE to be blunt as they argue or refuse to believe what is happening to them!
There are always two sides to each story...I wonder why she made the visit to his office? Was it for his weight loss practice, his medical practice, because she wanted weight loss advice etc etc etc..
Interesting...thank you for sharing the story!!!
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