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hey guys,
here is a website about PCOS its a pretty good one. there are loads of sites like this one one th net to find out more info.
my doctor told me and in the information that i have read that if u are able to control ur weight, lots of women find the symptoms of this disapear.
Actually though with all this information around, i dont believe that there are all that many consulsive facts about this. with lots of things in life i guess you and ur doctor need to work out what is good for you.
they believe being resistant to insulin plays a big part in this. thats why we are told to go low carb. growing up in the time when i was told potaoes are great diet food, eat bread and pasta in bulk, i have had to change my eating habits. i eat less carb, both complex and simple, and instead eat more protien rich foods to balance the carbs out. im not following any "diet" just now i have equal portions of protein, carbs, and veggies when i eat, some meals i dont eat carbs i will have mainly protein and veggies. i have found this does help me alot. im not hungry all the time either.
i do crave bread sometimes though. and i still dont eat too much meat. i do eat beans and tofu and fish.
i have also increased my exercise with helps too.
so there is what i do.
hope it gives you some ideas
byes Monica
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