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Hi Lisa,

The way I understand it (because I'm still learning on the subject, too) is that the birth control pills help regulate the hormone that you are producing too much of with the PCOS. So, if you are trying to get pregnant, then there is not much you can do until after you have the baby. I've been on birth control pills for over a year now and have lost 62 pounds. My doctor flat out told me that without the help of the pill regulating my hormonal balance, I would have never been able to lose that weight.

I asked my doctor what I would do if I ever wanted to have a baby and he said they'd take me off the pill, give me something to start ovulating and then go right back on the pill once the baby was born. It is important to be on the pill to control this disease or you can develop other problems... like diabetes!

I hope this helps!

Monica - thanks for clarifying the pill for me. I'm on Lo Overal (not sure of the spelling) because the other pills made me SO angry and depressed. Finding the right birth control pill is ESSENTIAL and quite a chore! I tried three different ones before I found this one. I don't have the mood swings I had with the others, so that's good!

Talk to you guys later!
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