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Originally Posted by slimcharm
I tried slim fast and had a horrible time with it..cravings etc. I think the OLD slimfast which is still on the shelves is not filling and has a lot of sugar in it. I dont know about the new slimfast..I can find a good protein shake for why not drink that instead of the 190 slimfast? Or does the new sf have something good in it. The old for carb sensitive folks is just not a good idea and the bars are like candy and not filling. Hope that has all changed.
I actually was one of the product testers when they were changing over the Slim Fast line from the old kind to the Optima. The newer versions have more nutrients, as well as less sugar than the old versions. They have replaced half of the sugar with sucralose instead-taking them from 220 calories a shake to 180, 40% RDA of calcium per shake (ready to drink) to 50%, and other nutrient changes. I was also very sensitive to the old ones which I tried years ago...but when I test marketed the Optima line I didn't have any troubles. The bars and such have also been changed over to have less sugar and more nutrients.

I do want to stress that there are "protein shakes" and there are "meal replacement shakes" which are different. (This is the same with bars-there are protein bars, meal replacement bars,and energy bars. All have a different balance of protein, carbs, nutrients, calories, etc.) Protein shakes are for protein supplement only-like for extra nutrition, or for someone who strength trains and needs more protein. A meal replacement shake is formulated differently-with more carbohydrates, a small amount of fat to keep you satisifed, and other things that a meal would normally have.

A protein shake is just a protein supplement-not meant for a meal replacement by itself. A meal replacement shake usually has160-250 calories, where a protein shake can really vary in its calories depending on the amount of protein in them.

If I have to have a meal replacement shake now and then, I usually go for Myoplex Lite, Body For Life, or some other meal replacement.

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