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its great to see this thread, i was diagnosed with PCOS at the start of this yr. Im now taking Dianne25 to help control it. it sometimes feels like a catch 22 situation. they say if u lose weight that it will help control it, but at the same time its harder to lose weight when u have if thats not confusing what is??? i would love to hear from any other ppl trying to lose weight That have this. i have done pretty well losing my weight, i only have 20lbs or so to go....but it has been hard, sometimes i feel like im starving myself, coz i do keep my carbs pretty low. since using dianne25 my skin is better and the darker hairs that i used to have on my arms and stuff are getting better too, lol, i sound like a monkey!!!. but anyone else who wants to talk about this and weight lose love to hear from u!
Byes! Monica
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