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Hi! I have been doing LAWL since mid-April and have lost 34 lbs. I have 24 more to go and my goal date is Oct 29.

I am very pleased with my results (I HAVE NOT been using their bars or supplements, much to their dismay! ) And the slow down I see is when I stray from the plan. I have had a lot of friends visiting this summer and going out to eat every day for 3 days straight has stalled me several weeks. And I haven't really been gorging myself - has me concerned when I reach maintainence that I will always be limited to 1100-1300 cals/week?!

Anyway, I'm pleased I found this forum because I really need to focus and lose the last bit before my goal date, so I can 1) get my refund and 2) prove to them that their foods don't make a bit of difference in weight loss success, it's just a way to make money.
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