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I think it was obese. I'm not sure 250 lbs at 5'6" or 7" would be morbidly obese. She had already been to see him but just wasn't getting it. She had diabetes, acid reflux, and borderline HBP. Also, if he is a weight-loss doctor, I can't imagine what she was expecting. (Maybe: "You poor voluptuous darling. You look wonderful, but the world is cruel. Here's a magic pill. Keep overeating and underexercising, and the pounds will just melt away. Here's some more pills for all your illnesses. They're not your fault either. Have a Krispy Kreme....")

Years ago I dated a med student and shared an apt with another one, so I got used to the way they talk. It really doesn't bother me as long as they keep it amongst themselves, that is away from patients and their families. It seems to me most professions have a public face much different from the private one. IMHO, anyway.
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