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Hi all,

Well I just got 1 point yesterday - as you know there was a chocolate cake in the house, so no suprise about what happened to it! I came back from church - which is a good 25 minute walk each way and decided to take a well earned rest day from the gym - I felt really stiff and achy and my body was obviously telling me to have a day off. I had an enjoyable afternoon - just chilling, watching athletics on TV and reading.

Today I went out with my friend - we had a look around the shops and I bought a T-shirt in the sale for 6 (about $10). It is a lovely pale blue and fits beautifully - I'm pleased to add another top to my other two!! My friend bought me ice cream, so that's my calories gone for the day!

My Autumn (sorry Fall! ) Goal - To be in Onederland! I am 228 now, so I'd like to be 199 or less by December - that's 29 lb in just over 3 months so I'd better get working on it NOW!

Have a good evening

Love Amanda x

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