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Faye, sorry your day was so bad. I keep a large bottle of Dawn in the laundy. I swear its a better stain remover than anything else I've tried. My Saturday started out great - had my quilting class with Pat Sloan - omg! I thought I won't get much out of it and probably not finish the project since it was folk art and I'm a traditional appliquer...I found a new love - it was freeing not to have all those patterns and almost no prep - throw that fabric on and sew (hand sewing). I worked on it all day yesterday and hated to have to put it aside to come to work. Any way, my friend and I were sewing up a storm with the rest of the class and bang - off goes the electricity. VEPCO says it'll be off for hours since it was a transformer that blew up and so our class is done. You do have to be able to see what you are sewing and I'm too old to just sit near a window and see well enough to sew. At least there was only another hour of class to go so we didn't miss much.

Took Friday off - snowed under when I came in today. You would think I'd been gone a month. At least the boss is leaving today until Labor Day so I should be able to get caught up.

Amanda, Way to Go on the points. I am like you thinking I need to keep my big clothes just "in case." Well, they are going because I'm not allowing myself to get any bigger than I am now. I buy a lot of stuff at thrift shops. Several of the ones here you can get brand new stuff with the tags still on that the stores donate after the sale hasn't gotten rid of it. My quilting friend buys everything except her underwear there and she always looks like she buys expensive stuff - she knows how to find the good stuff and is small - 6 or 8.

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