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I made up my own plan. I knew it had to be something meaningful to me, something fairly close to the way I already ate and something I could stick with FOREVER. I'd lost weight in the past before, my goal was not to lose weight, my goal was to be healthy, prevent disease and to be at my goal weight forever.

I read this book called Super Foods Rx: 14 Foods That Can Change Your Life. Steven Pratt, the author, basically said that there are a lot of foods out there that are good for you, but there are some foods that are VERY good for you. The book just sparked something inside me. I have a bad family history - cancer, diabetes, heart disease, alzheimers. I weighed 190+ lbs and I knew I had to get serious or I would die as early as my grandparents.

When I first decided I wanted to change my eating habits to be stronger and healthier, I knew I needed something I could stick with forever. I couldn't radically change how I eat - there's no way to maintain that long term. Plus, I had to take my boyfriend into consideration. We've been living together 8 years, both vegetarians, what could I change that meant we could still eat dinner together nearly every night? I looked at our usual dinner menus. We ate a lot of stir fries, curry dishes, pasta and quesadillas/enchiladas.

With John's support, we switched from white rice to brown rice, regular pasta to whole wheat pasta, white flour tortillas to whole wheat tortillas. We added more veggies to our meals (broccoli in stir fry, wilted spinach in pasta sauce) and reduced the amount of cheese, oil and butter we cooked with. I also became more aware of a true serving size, actually eating a single serving of brown rice or whole wheat pasta (a little kitchen scale is one of the best purchases I ever made). For example, I used to eat a HUGE plate of pasta with a little sauce and a little salad. I now eat a small plate of pasta (carefully measured 2.0 oz serving) with a LOT of sauce and a BIG salad.

I ate as much fruits and vegetables as I wanted, avoided foods without any nutritional value (alcohol, sugar, baked goods). I did not go on a diet, I changed my lifestyle. Whole foods in, processed foods out, 5 veggies, 4 fruits, 2-3 dairy, 2-3 whole grain, 10 different super foods, protein with every meal, green and black tea every day - I concentrated on what I should be eating.

Now, 54 lbs late and 13 months later, my diet has completely changed. I'm doing exactly what I was doing when I lost weight. I feel great. I have completely given up fast food, most fried foods and packaged baked goods (home made baked goods are okay for me in moderation). I don't miss any of these things.

Long story - see above.
Short story - what will work for YOU what can YOU stick to? I think it's great to take elements from plans, but the only plan that will work LONG TERM is one that you come up with and you will keep up with.
SIX YEARS at maintenance weight!

My very long weight loss story

"I saw an angel in the marble and I chiseled until I set it free."

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