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I dunno BB. I can't say that all diets are boring or that you have to give up things you love. You can still have them, but moderation is the key. And if you experiment with foods, you can find a balance that isn't boring. At least it's worked like that for me.

Creek Girl, I don't personally subscribe to any plans...especially something that wants money to tell you what you can find out on your own. So with that in mind...what's wrong with the food pyramid? I don't follow it to a counting my number of veggies and such. I simply made some necessary changes to my switching white flour for whole grains, cutting down on starches (not out, just down), increasing my fruit/veggie intake, increasing my water intake and cutting out sodas to just an occasional drink, increasing my fiber and protein intake while decreasing my caloric, sodium, carb and fat intake. You don't have to watch ALL your nutrients, just the main categories there will work.

As for exercise without equipment...walking, swimming, running, marching-jumping-twisting-etc. in front of your TV, lifting canned foods or bottled water instead of buying hand weights, dancing (you can even incorporate that into housework). Always opt for the stairs over the escalator/elevator, park far from all entrances, look for reasons to get up and walk somewhere at work or wherever. Exercise can be extremely easy when you look at how you spend your day and simply incorporate some minor changes into it. Don't drive to lunch, walk. Skip the elevator to the office and hoof it up the stairs - work on the 20th floor? Then you should get plenty of exercise right there. LOL Work close to home, opt for the bike over the car. Do some shopping at lunch rather than sitting to eat the entire time. If you look at your day I'm sure you can plan in some routine equipment required.

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