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Fantastic post, funniegrrl!

All diets and maintenance come down to the same thing in the end: make sure you take in nutritionally balanced, healthy foods, and expend more energy than you take in. Don't look for reasons why you can't do it. South Beach doesn't really have many rules except for the first two week induction phase. Beyond that, it's a healthy weightloss program much like Dr. Phil's or SugarBusters. Not much different from Volumetrics when you get right down to it. Bland? Herbs and spices fit into any way of eating You don't have to pay for these plans other than a book, or buy special commercially prepared meals.

Do as funniegrrl suggested and just start logging honestly what you currently eat. You might find yourself making healthier choices just because you are more aware of what is going into your body.

Stick around here...lot's of us have walked in your shoes

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