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Hi Creek Girl!

I just went through this same issue 4 weeks ago. I joined WW almost two years ago and lost 16 lbs - it was the "at work" program and was great - but, the work group stopped and I gained the weight back. Our program was $10 a week so if you can get into one for $5 a week that's great!
Personally - I need support and a "weigh-in" of some kind along with the eating program.
I looked at Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig and decided I didn't want to spend the money and all prepackaged food is not for me. I have a friend who goes on and off Atkins all the time to lose 10 lbs and then she gains it back again when she goes back to eating carbs again. My brother-in-law lost 50lbs or so on Atkins and has kept it off, but I think he still follows some kind of modified Atkins plan (reduced carbs). I love my carbs!
So - I am counting calories, joined this site and a support group that checks in weekly and trying to do some form of exercise 3x a week (30 min).
I think (for me) it is the only way I am going to learn the good foods to eat for a lifetime. I am sick of going on and off diets and gaining the weight back when I go back to my old way of eating again. I am trying to eat 1500-1800 a day and have added a lot of fruits and veggies to my diet and am trying to stay away from the Oreos, Pepperidge Farm cookies, chips, soda and watching how I prepare my food, less fat, etc.
I hate counting too - Once I start a plan, within 4 weeks or so I know what the values are of what I am going to eat (I am picky, so my food list is short!) so I don't have to count as much - but that's me - some people have to count and write it all down every day.
Hope I helped - Good Luck on whatever plan you choose!
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