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Question Ok, but how do I pick a plan?!

So I'm 5'3" and weigh 252.5 lbs. I obviously need to do something! But what? I mean, there are hundreds of plans. How do I possibly know which one will work, do I have to try them all?

I was looking at weight watchers, but wow, $5 a week! That's crazy. And Jenny Craig, etc are all around the same. There's an ad in the forum for ediets so I went there to take their quiz, and they decided I'd work best with Atkins or their own ediets plan.

So maybe I should just cut calories and stuff, but that seems like taking a chainsaw to the problem, you know? I mean, simple is good, but I'd like SOME structure other than that freaking food pyramid.

But to my question, how do I pick a plan? I mean, I guess I could do $5 a week if it's not suggesting I eat gourmet foods and stuff. I'm a college student and dominos 5-5-5 deal is awfully easy and cheap. It has to beat that.

Here are my diet requirements:
1. need low-priced, easy foods
2. decent portions
3. little to no nutrition-counting (I can count calories, but then tack on grams of this and that and I don't even want to bother anymore!)
4. NO pre-packaged granola bars or fake candy bars (I hate candy)
5. variety
6. keep my meat (I don't need sugary stuff)
7. include specific amounts and types of No-Props exercise in a variety of options
8. on-the-go options for lunches, snacks
9. allows snacks in variety
10. some pre-packaged foods are ok but not for every meal
11. cooking skill of any level but must be CHEAP

Info about me:
- I love to cook, raised in a southern family, we eat more fried chicken than fruit in a year.
- I am super forgetful at how many of this and that I need to eat, or how many repetitions of exercises etc etc
- I have classes at my university, 9am-5pm so I have to eat there
- I live with my sister and her boyfriend who are both of average weight but will eat whatever I cook cuz they're loafers
- I have strong determination and can do whatever I want to do! (I climbed a 7000 ft mountain in pouring rain this summer, and you know, coming down IS harder!)
- I have no health conditions other than my weight
- I am allergic to wheat, and slightly lactose intolerant (up to 8oz of dairy a day is ok, but no more)
- goal: steady and noticeable weight loss, that's all, I don't really care about being X weight by X date
- I don't drink, smoke, or do any of that other junk
- I currently drink lots of diet sodas but I can drop those like a ton of bricks
- No food addictions

Impressions of Diets I've looked at:
- Weight Watchers: seems good but expensive
- Jenny Craig: didn't strike me as plausible for my lifestyle
- Atkins: seems ok but kinda confusing
- Southbeach: seems ok, but lots of rules
- Volumetrics: seemed pretty bland
- Dr. Phil/Oprah: looked like a diet made by super rich people
- Diabetic Exchange: seems designed to make you feel bad about what you eat, doesn't take into account exercise
- Various Liquid Diets: gross, probably unsafe, don't want to be the human rocket

I think that covers it... if ANYONE could please give me a heads up that would be so awesome. I don't want to have to shell out money on something that isn't right for me. (Who does?) So if you've tried these diets, please tell me if my "Diet requirements" are cool for that plan!

Oh, and my doctor only recommended surgery. She even set me up with an appointment. I asked for options, she gave me a kid's pamphlet on the food pyramid from like 5 years ago. So much for that!

Sorry for the long post, I want to start off on the right foot with this new way of eating!

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