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Hi all,

Yay! I got my first 4 point day of the week yesterday - it felt good to be back on track! I say 'felt' because I've already blown it today as I've eaten chocolate cake! Oh well, it was pretty yummy and I'll be back OP for good tomorrow.

I'm in the middle of clearing out my wardrobe and cupboards to give all my too big clothes to the charity shop. Oh my goodness - I've got nothing left! I've had to get rid of about 10 pairs of trousers because they are far too big for me now - it feels good because I remember when they felt tight, and it is a real visual reminder of how far I have come. It felt a bit scary clearing everything out - in the back of my mind I was thinking 'but what if I put the weight back on?' - but then I thought 'No! I am never going back!' Perhaps I should keep one pair of trousers to remind myself where I was.

All I have left are 3 pairs of trousers (which are all also a bit on the large side, but they are okay with a belt on) and 2 t shirts! I desperately need some new clothes - even my underwear is too big! When I was in the charity shop, I noticed that they stock clothes in larger sizes - I saw a pretty top for 2.50, but I didn't buy it as it looked a bit big, but I'm definately going to keep my eyes open for other stuff.

FAYE - Sorry about your bad day - it is lucky that you didn't injure yourself, like you say, your knee must be getting stronger!

JULIE - Glad you enjoyed your fighting!

SILLY POLL - I boycott L'Oreal because I am against animal testing for cosmetics. I think they may have stopped testing on them now, but years ago they were the only cosmetics company who refused to stop testing and even moved their laboratories to a different country when animal testing was banned. There are so many other great companies that are ethically sound that I refuse to give L'Oreal my money! I also pretty much steer clear of McDonalds and Burger King and would NEVER go near a shop that sold fur.

Have a great day

Love Amanda x

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