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Default Are we losing steam?

It seems like we are. Since we all joined at roughly the same time, could it be that we're all feeling like I'm feeling? A little bored? A little like "isn't there a better, faster way to do this?" A little resentful of counting points and using fat-free cheese instead of the real thing? I don't know about the rest of you, but that 10-pound mark has always been the kiss of death to me as far as WW is concerned. I hit it, and then it all just goes to s**t. The same thing happened this week. I've been doing nothing but pigging out, not counting points, not eating thoughtfully. Scale this morning said 255, up from 249.8. I just hope I can do things differently this time and instead of giving in and giving up, I do my best for the rest of this week, suck it up and go to weigh-in on Saturday, and then get seriously back on track.

My leader told a story recently about a woman in one of her classes who was losing regularly but was terrified abot gaining. She just felt that it was inevitable that she would. So she basically blew off a whole week just to "get the gain over with." She did gain, and that was what she needed to get her serious again and to stop worrying about gaining.

Who knows, maybe that's what's going on with me?
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