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Hi, my name is Jeffin and I am new to your site. I am very excited about this forum and the new program. I am almost 24 years old and an RN in an ER. I am recently married and have to teenage step children. My husband and kids are very supportive of ALL my dieting antics. I have started a "new" diet every Monday for the past 1 year, hoepfully this will be the one. I lost 40+ pounds with Weight Wathcers and few years back, but have now gained back 50+ pounds. My husband and I are thinking about kids so I would like to be healthier before this happens.

I got too excited on WW about their "eat all the foods you love" slogan and did literally eat everything and more. I want to try something different and hoefully this will be the progam!! Like I said I am very excited & motivated!

Holiday Weight Loss Goal
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