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South Beach is a good fats/good carbs diet. It is not low carb but it focuses on whole grains. It consists of a two week phase 1 where you do not eat the starches like bread, rice, starchy vegetables and fruits. This helps you to get rid of your cravings but you do eat healthy carbs during this time such as low fat dairy products, legumes, and lots of vegetables.

Phase 2 is the phase where you typically lose 1-2 pounds a week. You gradually add back in fruits and whole grain products. Check out the recipe section and the other posts that are stickied for further information and a list of foods to avoid/foods to enjoy.

While there are Kraft South Beach diet foods that have been approved by Dr. Agatson, the emphasis is on unprocessed foods. It does take a little longer to cook a meal than to throw something in the microwave but I spend 30 minutes or less on an average night cooking for my family.

Oh, the emphasis is also on avoiding saturated and trans fats. Basically things like olive oil and canola oil are good (along with things like Smart Balance). Lean meats are eaten rather than fatty cuts. My cholesterol has been lowered 71 points since starting South Beach and is now great.
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