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Oh boy, do I know of what you speak! My DD is 15 also and I just went through that phase after she made a project on animal slaughter houses .... It didn't last because 99.9% of her friends eat at burger joints and she hated to be left out. But when she was serious, for about 2 weeks , I experimented with tofu. I like tofu and so does DH -- he'll eat anything as long as he doesn't have to make it -- I made a really nice tofu recipe that tasted like lasagna if I find it I will post it...

I made a vegetarian chili with the fake ground meat that haley was talking about. Very easy to make all I did was saute some vegetables onions, green and red peppers, take some plain tomatoe sauce, kidney beans, can of corn too was good, throw in that ground fake meat with some chili powder. Add that with some nice brown rice and a salad, perfectly healthy meal.

I make myself a protein drink with whey powder, soy milk and frozen strawberries after each workouts and that's very vegetarian. And super delicious too....

When my DD decided to become vegetarian I sat with her and explained that being vegetarian didn't just mean cutting out animal meats, it meant a 'healthy lifestyle'... My DD knows I'm a bit of a health freak -- that's what she calls me anyways, because I don't eat at fast foods and ask for dressing on the side and eat veggies and fruits regularly -- anyways I digress .... I felt that she needed to know that it's not just cheese pizza and mac and cheese because that's what she was getting into also. I sat with her and explained that we need protein, carbs and fats and that we need an healthy amount of each to stay healthy....Too much of any of these nutrients is not good. In the end she just found it too difficult to incorporate into her lifestyle of the moment but I can see her doing that in the future.

It sure isn't easy though it takes a LOT of planning. Maybe you can get her to help you with the planning of her vegetarian meals...
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