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Sarah on LAWL
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Hi all, I'm new. My name is Sarah, I'm 30 - and I live near Dallas, TX. I recently got married (April) and am enjoying married life. I have been struggling with my weight for the last several years. My first attempt at weight loss was with WW - and I lost 22 pounds and was within a couple pounds of my goal of 148 (I'm 5'6") - when I threw in the towel. I attempted to rejoin WW several times over the years - never with any luck - because of my head, not because of their program. With an upcoming wedding, I joined WW one last time back in December - again with no luck. At the same time, my step-mom had joined LAWL back in September - she and I are the same height, and had the same amount of weight to lose. She reached her goal of getting to 140 by January - and has been maintaining every since. So - in March - seven weeks before my wedding - I joined LAWL. I lost almost 15 pounds before the wedding - they had to take my dress in , but after I got back from the honeymoon, my heart wasn't in it anymore - no more looming deadline. I've been bouncing around the same weight ever since.

Today - I went to weigh-in, and asked them to set a new goal date for me (the original has already passed). I weighed in today at 165.2. My starting weight was 175.8. My goal is 139.0. So, I have 26.2 pounds to lose, and my new goal date is October 20th. I would really love to do it by October 1st - but I'll be happy just to be almost there by that date.

I am hopeful that having this forum as a place to check in every day will really help to motivate me. Any suggestions to a newbie on the forum? Are there places to match up with a buddy?

Sarah in TX

P.S. I'm on the Gold plan.

[10/30/2005 Update] Hi all - I've been gone for a long while, and in the meantime have gained all my weight back (and then some). I am really disgusted, and not sure what to do from here - so I'm thinking of giving this a fresh start starting either tomorrow or Tuesday (see - I'm so wishy washy!). My goal this time is not to be so 'perfect' and just to be 'better'. I weighed on my home scale this afternoon, and it read 179.1 - which is higher than when I originally started LAWL. At this point, I'd be happy to lose just 15 pounds and hold steady for a while. Also - my hubby and I are trying to conceive our first child - so I'll need to transition from dieting to just plain healthy eating when that happens - which shouldn't be too hard with this program.

[05/07/2007 Update] LOL - I'm laughing reading this - because little did I know - I was already knocked up! I think I found out a week or so after I posted this. I have a healthy beautiful daughter born 7/18/06. I'm weighing at home around 169 or so - probably 174 or so at the COD - will find out tomorrow when I check in again. I want to lose at least 10 lbs before we conceive again - hopefully more, depending on when it happens...

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