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Thumbs up Very yummy

I made these yesterday. I can't use any of the atificial sweeteners so I just left it out. Also I made it with all fat free cheese because I can't find the other kind in my area. They are really very yummy. If you aren't a cheese cake lover don't know that you would like it the way I made it.

I used the cupcake wrappers and the muffin tins but I didn't spray the wrappers with anything and they come out of them just fine.

I probably would have ended up with about 35-36 cupcakes but ran out of room at 27 and just trashed the rest of it. I am going to cut the recipe in half next time because it sure does make a very large batch if you are doing cupcakes. I think it would be perfect if you are doing a cheesecake.

I am thinking that I might use them for evening snack as a dessert in addition to sometimes for breakfast and put a teaspoon of simply fruit spread on them making them a P2 dessert.
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