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Well, as far as my goals are concerned, it has been Terrible Tuesday. No awards for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my inspiration will come back tomorrow. Maybe some motivation too. It will be hard as i'm working with colleagues who are also friends, and they always want to eat together, and I find it extra hard to be "good" when I'm out with others. They've all heard me moan about my weight for so long I'd rather not talk about diet number 9,528 around them.

I have my laptop with me, and brought along WATP DVD's i can do in my room if tomorrow's rain and thunder materialises. If not, I'll try to get out for a walk or two. (if for no other reason, I have to leave the hotel to go find lobster rolls. Yum. I'll try to be reasonable...)

Congrats all on your success so far!

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