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Amanda - one other thought - I've found that many people frequently underestimate how much they're eating. Clients tell me that they're not losing weight, despite only eating X calories per day. But then I find out they aren't weighing or measuring portions or writing it all down, so it's really just a guess. When I ask them to do the weighing, measuring, and journaling, they are ALWAYS shocked at how much more they're eating than they assumed. Sometimes it's three times as many calories as they thought they were eating.

So if you happen to be a guess-timator when it comes to calories or portions, it might be worthwhile to take a little time and check them for a week or so. To this day, I still weigh and measure and journal because I'd be eating way too much otherwise (I know myself )

Of course, if you're as as I am and already track everything you eat, please disregard the above.
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