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Default How Many Calories???

Hello folks!

I'd be grateful for any advice or suggestions about this........

I've been a member of my local gym for a month now - I'm doing intensive cardio for 45 mins 4 - 5 days a week, and strength training about 2 - 3 days a week (I'm building it up gradually). Two of my cardio sessions are intermediate 'spinning' classes - they are really high fat burning classes and I have never worked so hard in my life (but I love it!).

My problem is that I would assume that the weight would be flying off, but in this last month I've only lost 2lb. I am certainly gaining muscle and everything is toning up nicely - but I would still expect more weight loss. I weigh 243 at the moment, having lost 24 lb since January. I was wondering how many calories I should be eating - I'm currently on 1600, is that enough considering all the exercise I am doing? My gym calcualtes the calories I am burning according to my weight, and although I know it's never an exact science - after my spinning class it says I've burnt over 1000 cals!

I don't know what to do - should I just wait and see, or should I try increasing or decreasing my cals?

Please help me!


Love Amanda x

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