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Default EweWho's Introduction

I have been lurking a while, reading as many of he posts as possible while absorbing as much information as I could so I wouldn't ask any questions that had already been covered. I've decided is time to introduce myself.

I'm Regina, live in Tulsa, OK (going on 10 years), am soon to be 55 (July) and am currently into my third week of LAWL. I am on the Red Plan with Lites. After half-heartedly giving lots of other lifestyles a try, I feel I have finally found one that is balanced and nutritious, which is what I've been searching for these many years. My contract loss with LAWL Center is 105 pounds, but I hope to continue on for at least a total loss of 140. I will make up my mind about that when I reach the end of my contract.

I have 9 grandchildren, 6 living in California, 2 living about 30 minutes away, and 1 that lives at home with us as well as his mama. I care for him while his mama works and goes to school.

I enjoy gardening, crafts of any kind, and needlework, primarily cross stitch, sewing, and knitting.

It seems that this group is very friendly and knowledgeable and I hope to integrate myself into it.
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