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This dinner salad has been a real standard for me since last spring. It's really satisfying and didn't make me feel at all deprived when I was eating with someone eating all kinds of off-plan hoo ha. You'll see that it's got a higher fat/lower carb percentage. When I plan my meals, I look at the day as a whole (actually the week as a whole!) thinking also of what I need, when. I tend to do the majority of my carbs earlier in the day, and sometimes a little more of my allotted fat later in the day, when I'm more prone to want to munch and could be helped out by feeling more satiated. It's the good fat though, the kind that promotes good cholesterol and helps your body in all sorts of important ways -- and when I was living 100% on plan, it fit in nicely in an overall 20-25% fat day. I use bagged veggies when I can, to save time.


½ tbsp. olive oil
1¼ tbsp. balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp. reduced fat feta (I get Athena brand because it's what I can find)
¼ clove garlic, minced and crushed with a tiny bit low-sodium “salt” (less if you want)
1 tbsp. water
Freshly ground black pepper to taste

Prepare the dressing first, putting all the dressing ingredients in a bowl large enough to accommodate the entire salad. Adding the olive oil at the end, whisk the ingredients until you have a smooth emulsion.

2 cups chopped romaine
2 cups chopped baby spinach (bagged)
1 chopped Roma tomato
¼ cup shredded carrots (bagged)
¼ cup refrigerated, boiled, unsalted soybeans (edamame – I get it bagged and frozen from Safeway and either boil it or sautee it in a nonstick pan)
A few finely sliced ribbons of red onion
Several big leaves fresh basil, torn
Several leaves fresh mint, chopped pretty finely (if you don't have it, dried would be ok in a pinch -- ha! Pun unintended.)
3 oz. grilled or broiled skinless chicken breast, rough chopped

Add all the ingredients EXCEPT the chicken and mix thoroughly so that everything’s well coated with the dressing. Only after everything is coated do you add the chicken. (In this way, the chicken doesn’t soak up all the dressing.)

Calories: 391
Fat: 17g (4g saturated)
Protein: 39.9g
Carb: 20.6g
Fiber: 10.1g (!)
Plus: LOTS of potassium (which is lacking in a lot of our diets,) low sodium, and plenty of iron, Vit A, and folate.

Hope someone likes this! This salad was a real friend to me when I was losing so well.
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