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Default RE: Movin and Losin.... again!

Oh my gosh... I am back, and so happy to be here!

I am as pleased as possible to report the young man that took AJ's life was given a maximum sentence. Those of you that wrote in, I thank you so very much. The judge mentioned he received a large number of letters. I do apologize if I've already posted this link to the story. I don't think it will be up many more days so look quickly if you are interested:

After the sentencing, we were all sitting around a table attempting to eat lunch. No one had a thing to say, and finally someone said we should be happy as we did the very best we could have, with the circumstances. It made no difference, we were all sick at heart. I went to the cemetary after eating and promptly got sick to my stomach. I was unable to eat anything the balance of the week - last week. This week has been touch and go. The good thing, I've lost some weight, my clothes are feeling better. I am still shaky. This has affected me more than I realized.

It is wonderful to have stable parts of my life to return to such as this weight loss thread. I agree, summer time is time for some good challenges. Think of all of the healthy veggies to be harvested, yummm so good!

School is out, graduation is Sunday. I still have to work 4 days a week the next 2 weeks, and then have about a month off. Ahhh....!!
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